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Dollar Store DIY Hot Cocoa Bar Featuring Vitality Oils

DIY Dollar Store Hot Cocoa Chocolate Bar Featuring Vitality Oils

It's officially cozy season! Or rather, unofficially cozy season. Perhaps the first day of winter is the first official day? Either way, the temperatures have been dipping low lately and I've been craving all the comforts of warm food and drink. What better way to enjoy it than by creating a DIY hot cocoa bar? I'd have to say adding cute touches with dollar store supplies and the goodness of vitality oils is the way to do that. Let's make a deliciously simple hot cocoa bar together.

Moody Boho Living Room Style Makeover | One Room Challenge Reveal

Does anything feel better than reaching a finish line? Perhaps a bad analogy since the end of a project doesn't necessarily line up with the end of a challenge. Either way, we have reached the end of the One Room Challenge and today I'm sharing my Moody Boho Living Room Style Makeover. It's not 100% complete but the vibe is there and I couldn't be happier.

Inspired Kitchen Mood Board | Carpet One Floor & Home | Twenty of 2020


Do you have one of those rooms in your house you just don't want anyone else to see? I sure do have a couple. One of them is my kitchen. I've dreamed of all the different things I've wanted to do to the room for 8 years now. With Carpet One's Twenty of 2020 top flooring products of the year in my hands, I felt inspired to create a mood board to create a visual representation of the room I'd create today.

How To Design A Gallery Wall With Art Prints | Fy! | One Room Challenge

I have always been a lover of wall decor. The variety of what can be used and how unique a look can be achieved makes it one of my favorite parts of a room design. Art prints are a simple way of decorating walls. From a structured gallery wall to an eclectic mix, art prints can be the jumping off point or the element that ties a room together. I love them and that's exactly why I wanted to create one and share how to design a gallery wall with you today.

Choosing A Gorgeous Rug | The Foundation Of A Room Design

One of my all time favorite steps in the design process is choosing the rug. As the foundation of a room, it can do so much on it's own and for the whole room. It can be a pop, the focal point, add texture, layers, continue a color story, start a color story, or simply be a soft place for feet. The rug going into my living room is essentially all of those things. I'm excited to show it to you today as well as share my tips for choosing a gorgeous rug.

Try A New Furniture Arrangement + Saying Goodbye Rug | One Room Challenge

It felt like this past week has flown by. That can be either a good thing or a bad thing when working on a room makeover. You'll have to let me know which one you think it is after I share what all I've got done. Changing the design vibe of my living room from bright to moody has inspired a few other changes too. Today I'll take you through those changes.

Choosing a TV + Rattan Chair Reupholstery | One Room Challenge

It didn't feel like I had done as much work redecorating the living room as I would've liked. But then I sat down to write it all out and, well, it's been a decently productive week! From choosing a TV and the dramatics that came with it, recovering vintage rattan chairs that involved taking them apart, hanging a heavy rattan mirror and painting more baseboards - it was a good jump forward in the One Room Challenge.