How To Macrame - 5 Essential Knots

I wanted to share an informational post today on 5 beginner-intermediate macrame knots. I won't be talking a whole lot, I hope you like that. Rather, I've taken step by step photos that I've compiled to show you each of the 5 knots. Each knot is very easy to get the hang of, so you shouldn't have to practice too many times before you're flying through them! If you want to learn how to macrame, just keep reading:

How To Macrame - 5 Essential Knots

Pretty much a staple when creating a macrame hanging is the Lark's Head knot, it's one of the easiest ways to get your rope around your straight object (i.e. pipe, stick, dowel rod, etc.)

Use This Macrame Lark's Head Knot - Step By Step Tutorial - The Boho Abode

If you're like me, you probably never knew this knot had a name. It's really the most basic knot I can think of, and one I've been using namelessly for many years!

Macrame Overhand Knot Step By Step - The Boho Abode

Need a knot but want something a bit more jazzed up than the overhand knot? The figure 8 is just slightly more complicated but looks so pretty when using multiple strands of rope at once!

Try This Macrame Figure 8 Step By Step Knot - Tutorial By The Boho Abode

Another staple to Macrame is the square knot. If you've made a hemp bracelet or two, you'll have the muscle memory for this knot! Check out my Simple Macrame Wall Hanging Tutorial, it's great for beginners and uses this knot repetitiously!

Try This Macrame Square Knot Tutorial - The Boho Abode

And the final knot, when combined with the other 4 knots, really makes for an impressive macrame piece! Still fairly easy to master, but looks more intricate than it really is!

Use This Macrame Switch Knot Step By Step Tutorial -

If you've found this information helpful, share it with your friends or family or save it to a Pinterest board to save for your next macrame crafting adventure.

Have you tried Macrame yet? Share in the comments what you've made, or what you want to make. These knots are the basis of most of the really cool pieces you'll see in Etsy shops and on Instagram, so give it a go.


  1. Thanks for sharing these! I've ventured into a few macrame plant hangers lately, but it's not very easy to find info on the knots on the web! I appreciate this!

  2. Wow neat! I've never tried macrame before, but it looks like fun. Thanks for sharing on Merry Monday.

  3. We love this project and are featuring you today at Elizabeth Joan Designs!
    Emily & Erin

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  5. This will definitely come in handy! Thanks for sharing :)

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