DIY Painted File Holders

I needed more storage for crafting and DIY supplies. I mean, don't we all? I wanted something that would contain the mess and that I could customize to carry through the colors of my southwestern inspired accent wall. I picked up these inexpensive magazine file holders and got started making them mine.

 What I Used

Wide Painter's Tape, Vinyl Letters, Wall Paint, craft knife, Foam Brush, File Holder

How Long It Takes

Less than an hour for all 10 file holders! (minus dry time, as always)

The Process

To create the triangle design, lay out strips of wide painters tape onto a non stick surface. I just used my work surface since I'm not bothered by getting cuts in it. Lie the file folder atop the strip of tape and mark the hole so that you can gauge where to cut the triangles. Use a craft knife to free hand cut the triangles out.

You can peel the strip right up and lie it on the face of the file holder. The triangles can also be peeled up and placed on the face of the file holders too for a different look.

For the monogrammed fronts, place the letter representing what's in each file holder. I have !!! for miscellaneous things, S for stickers, EDU for educational material, MAG for magazines, E for envelopes , and the M for manuals.

I then ran a line of tape across the face to give the paint a stopping point.

I picked up my vinyl letters on clearance at a Rite Aid but these vinyl letters are very similar.

Paint everything you want painted and remove any tape you can remove without disturbing the paint. Because wall paint is normally latex, I don't recommend leaving the paint to dry before removing the tape. The faces of these file holders are glossy and the paint will peel right up with the tape.

And you're ready to file away all those crafting goodies!

I love that these hide the more unsightly craft supplies.

Like craft paint inside these ones! 

If you enjoyed how these turned out, please give them a share! Any questions? Leave them in a comment and I will get back with you!


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  2. Great job!
    I love the colors you chose!

  3. Corinna, these are so adorable and I love the bright color too! Pinned :)

  4. Love these! I've been looking into a new organizational system and this is awesome!

  5. They look great ~ I love your ideas! Thank you for sharing at Merry Moday Linky! See you Sunday at 6pm PST! Oh and good to know you can get vinyl letters at Rite Aid :) Julia

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  8. Oh wow this looks amazing - I love how you have managed to tie all of your storage together so it looks lovely to see it all together on the shelf.

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