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Welcome back! One of the major purchases for my Home Office decorating/furnishing adventure were the chairs. I wanted the oh-so-popular Eames style chairs for the space. I had been looking on Craigslist for over a year when it came to the final count down to getting the space done, so I started scouring the internet. I'm cheap, facts are facts, and I wanted the cheapest I could find. The cheapest I could find were on Amazon from a few different sellers. So I added them all to my cart, checked them daily for about a month, and bought the one that hit the lowest price point.

Get that EAMES style chair for cheap, sources and review

Here are my thoughts:

The Seat: The seat is a semi gloss with texture. The texture is less pronounced than the plastic seats we had in school when we were kids. The color is white, point blank. There is no blue hue. The color stays consistent in both natural and unnatural lighting. The back of the seat has a bit of flex to it. I'm not sure if this is a "flimsy" quality. The edges of the seat are smooth, there is no seam where the mold would have pressed together.

The Legs: The wood legs are a light colored wood (maybe inexpensive pine?). They appear to have a satin finish of some kind that gives them the same textured feel as the plastic seat. The legs are wrapped in a shrink-wrap plastic (I wonder if this is the lacquer finish one of the reviewers was referring to). If you don't remove the screws in the legs before ripping the plastic off, I personally experienced pieces of plastic stick around these screws that would not pull out.

Construction: Happy to call this a one man job, even with a toddler fiddling with things. However, if you're not apt to figuring out how to put things together, you may not like that instructions were completely nonexistent. There are two pieces for each chair, the legs and base and the plastic seating portion. Attaching the two is pretty straightforward as there are included screws and an allen wrench. As suggested in the Amazon reviews, I used the felt pads that were initially covering the hardware under the chair, and put them under the legs in order to protect my hardwood floors.

Shipping: I places my order late June 18th, 2014. My order arrived, unharmed, on June 24, 2014. Stellar considering the shipping was FREE.

My Final Thoughts: They finish makes them very easy to clean. Huge bonus for those with pets, children, or messy housemates. The chairs feel absolutely steady, but I have experienced one toppling over while my toddler was playing around on it. I don't quite blame that on the chair though as he seems to topple off of any furniture (without tipping them though). With these chairs you get a lightweight, well made chair that attaches to a sturdy "Eiffel" style base. There are so many Eames replicas out there with variable reviews and prices and these were the cheapest ones I could find for sale. At $64.50 per chair (shipping and taxes included in that flat price!), and better quality than I expected based on reviews, I couldn't be happier.

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  1. I do that with Amazon too - they will notify you if something in your cart drops in price... YES! Thank you for sharing on Merry Monday Linky! Julia


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