DIY Conduit and Hardware Curtain Rod

Hey There! Today I'm sharing my fool-proof method for inexpensive, do-it-yourself curtain rods. I'm not promising this is going to be revolutionary, but it totally works for me and my budget, and it just may work for you. As always, this tutorial can be customized to fit your own color scheme and specific situation. But, if you've got a large window spanning within 10 feet, and love the look of large copper pipe, you can follow this tutorial to a T.

DIY Copper-look hardware store curtain rod

What You'll Need:

1 inch EMT Conduit (Lowe's), Copper Spray Paint (Ace Hardware), 1 hole straps (Lowe's), Corner Braces (Lowe's), wall screws (Lowe's), smalls screws and nuts (Ace Hardware), Drill. I know you can buy these all from one store. But, I just so happen to find certain pieces at certain stores sporadically. And I freaking love the Ace brand copper spray paint. If you want to completely replicate this process, I've included images of the packages I used so you can find them more easily.

one hole strap

corner braces

nuts and screws

 The Process:

Assemble the wall hardware by attaching the L-brackets to the 1-hole straps using the screws and nuts.

bracket equation

super easy curtain rod brackets

Take your conduit and put it in a spot that you can spray paint it in. Because the pipe is a little heavy and very long, I suggest laying it down and spraying in sections. I sprayed the one side. Once dried, rolled the pipe and sprayed another side. And repeated for the remaining section. Also spray the wall brackets.

Find your studs (or use wall anchors if it's not convenient to use the studs). Mark out where the hardware needs to be drilled in, and use long screws to attach to the wall.

Place your painted conduit atop the hardware, hang your curtains, and voila!

DIY copper hardware store curtain rod

I swear by these curtain rings. I love the clip, the finish, and the weight. Plus, it fits the 1 inch conduit to perfection.

curtain update in living room DIY rod

And there you have it! An easy formula for DIY curtain rods made with supplies from the hardware store. This is the same formula, except replacing the conduit with bamboo and copper spray paint for gold in my Gold Bamboo Curtain Rods. Before you go, make sure you leave a comment, share this post on social media, and check out my contributor post on All Things With Purpose for the sequin and fringe embellished curtains hanging from the curtain rod. Have a great day!


  1. I've done this too! I used a "oil rubbed bronze" paint for mine and it turned out great. Also because I'm fancy (ha. haha.) I found some smaller versions of those decorative pineapple looking bits that go on the tops of fence posts and glued them to both ends... and I don't have a picture. But it was pretty sweet looking.

  2. You're so fancy ;) The pineapple finials, I'm sure, look amazing! Thanks for sharing what you did with yours. I hope someone finds your idea inspiring!

  3. well that all looks complicated to me, but yes! it came out awesome.

  4. So fun and hello, room gorgeousness! Thanks for linking up with us at The DIY'ers! You are being featured tomorrow!

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  6. Great idea! You are so creative, Corinna! Thanks for linking up at Your Designs This Time!

    Erin & Emily

  7. Thanks for breaking it down so clearly. I will definitely be using this tip in the future! Thanks for linking up to the Outside [The Box] Link Party!

  8. Thanks for appreciating my persnickety ways with details ;)

  9. Aloha, this is really a life saver! I wanted to hang a curtain rod and was very disappointed at the local selection and more at the high prices for brackets.
    I'm going to get the parts tomorrow for the curtain rod I found at the thrift store.
    thanks so much

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