Leather Fringe Banner

Did I ever tell you about that one time I bought 3 yards of a faux leather fabric in probably the most perfect color on Amazon? Well, I did. And having never really bought fabric before, I way overestimated how much I needed. So I've been thinking of different ways to use the extra fabric and came up with this ultra cute leather fringe banner!

decorate your walls with DIY leather fringe banner

What You'll Need:

Leather-like material, ruler/yard stick, pencil, scissors

Start by cutting out a rectangle of fabric. Mine is 10 inches tall by 36 inches wide.


Go along one of the long sides and mark 1/4 inch increments. I used the threading on the backside of the fabric as a guide so only had to mark part way. Then mark off about 1 and 1/2 inches on the other long side as a guide for where to stop cutting,

mark quarter inch segments

Cut straight lines at those 1/4 inch marks to the stop point. (This would be the time consuming part)

cutting slits into rectangular cut of leather

(See that large bundle of leather fabric there in the basic? I've still got loads more to work with!) Gold thumb tacks work really well for the weight of the fabric. Just press through the fabric and hold it up on the wall, adjust until you like how it hangs, then press the tacks in place!

leather fringe banner

Our living room is in that awkard state where we're still buying and arranging furniture. So please excuse that! It'll come together soon enough, I can't wait!

a long room

things still look thrown together and messy

detailed hand cut leather fringe banner

I thought about hanging up a really cheesy and badly edited picture of it hanging over a white fireplace. I think it would look hella cool hanging across the mantle but, alas, have no fireplace yet. I'm pretty stinkin' determined to have one eventually, so if you see a good DIY fireplace, send it my way!


  1. Girl I love this! It's simple but has a lot of kapow factor!

  2. Thanks Heather! *toot toot* I think so, too!
    (that was me tooting my own horn, ha!)

  3. Wow, this is super cool. I'd love for you to share at our link party going on now if you haven't yet!


  4. That would be cool around a bed. It would be a grown up version of a canopy.

  5. I LOVE that idea, Sabrina! It would be very cool!

  6. Cute idea! Thanks for sharing with us at Your Designs This Time.
    Emily & Erin

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