Trio of Decorative Artwork for a tight space

Welcome back! Today's post is a really simple and easy wall art DIY. You may remember that I mentioned a while back that I wanted to fill my hallway with white frames. I started filling frames with Sepia and Black & White family photos. And, I created a large-scale woven leather art piece that I shared on Elizabeth Joan Designs. To carry on the pop of the woven leather, and add a bit of color to our drab hallway, I created this adorable trio.

Easily Update a tiny spot with a trio of framed braided leather and fabric samples

What You'll Need:

Woven Leather: Scrap Leather fabric, marker, scissors, ruler, hot glue, frame.

Framed Fabric: Fabric Sample, scissors, hot glue, frame.

The Process:

Starting with the woven leather frame, grab some scrap leather (preferably faux) and mark out 1 inch wide strips of fabric. For a 4x6 frame, you'd need 4 strips of 6 inch long pieces and 6 strips of 4 inch long pieces.

gathering basic supplies

Start by laying out either the long or short pieces onto the frame backing. You can either lay out the short or long pieces, I don't think it will matter much which you start with.

line up strips of leather

With the smaller scale, you'll need to glue as you weave. Get one end tight and glued onto the frame backing and weave the other pieces tight against it.

hot glue as the pieces are laid

Go ahead and glue straight onto the frame backing. The frames I picked up were from the dollar store, and the glue should pop right off if you decide to use the frames for a different project later.
tighten the pieces to ensure they all fit

Once the pieces are tight and glued in place, flip the frame backing over and use a craft knife to cut off any overhang.

use a a craft knife to remove overhang

Now onto the pretty fabric sample frames. You don't have to use fabric samples. In fact, if you have a fabric stash, use the scraps! (I love the possibilities with these!)

choosing fabric samples from stash

If you've got a hefty stash like myself, choosing which prints to use can be hard. I chose to go with the pieces that had indigo-hues to pick up on those spots of indigo in my pink rug in the Living Room.

hot glue fabric to frame backing

Rug a line of hot glue along one side of the frame backing and press the fabric into the glue. Then run glue along the other side and flatten the piece of fabric into it.

cut off excess fabric hanging over the edges

The hot glue should dry pretty quickly, and after it does, you can trim off the excess fabric with a pair of scissors.

Now it's time to display the pretties!

Pretty Framed Indigo Fabric Samples

trio of frames fabric samples and braided leather

Sorry the lighting is sub par. The hallway gets nearly no natural light and we've only got the one fixture. I hope you can still see how pretty they make the tiny sliver of wall, though!

blue hallway walls with white door casings and picture frames

I hope you enjoy this little tutorial and feel inspired to create easy and happy art for your home. I know spots on the wall like mine here can oftentimes be ignored and left blank. They're a great spot to add a little happiness and what better way than really inexpensive DIY art!
I want to see what artwork you've created lately. Please tell me about your recent art ventures in the comments below and leave a link if you have one!


  1. Love all of these! Super cute ideas, Corrina!

  2. Thanks! SLowly but steadily the hallway is starting to liven up!


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