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Hey There!

I'm so happy you're here for my Boho Vintage Living Room's Source post. Granted, a lot of the pieces in the room are thrifted. But, I've had a lot of interest in many of the items that are actually store bought. I think it's a perfect way to decorate a space because you get the unique look of not looking like your space jumped right out of Target (though that's not bad either) and you still get to add in trendy items as they appear on the shelves. So let's dive into all the things that you can buy from my Living Room if your heart so desires ;)

frames marbled paper and a flamingo! eclectic at it's best!

Many of the Art on the walls I've made. I'm still working on sharing the tutorials for those DIY's here on the blog, so please do make sure you're following along via email, bloglovin', or you other favorite ways of following your favorite blogs so you can see the updates on those tutorials when they're posted!

Flamingo Print- I adore this print. My friend Vanessa owns and operates the Etsy shop, Lochness Studio. You can now order instant downloads from her shop which I think is a really cool feature!

Ukulele- eBay. I can't really say a whole lot about this. I had a craving for a cute pink ukulele one day and found one on eBay. I guess the lesson here is, if you want something, the internet has it.

Gold Mirror- I bought this mirror from One Kings Lane. Because the items on the OKL site change often, this mirror is no longer available. But, if you wanted to sign up, you can use my link for a $15 credit for purchases of $30 or more.  Or you can check out Target's cute selection of mirrors. Because we never need another excuse to go to Target, amiright?


Baskets- All of the baskets in this room are from Target. The blue and pink rimmed ones are/were from the Threshold line and the golden/black and jute one that my mass cane hangs out in was from the Nate Berkus line.

3 Cube Wood Cubby- It's actually a wine bottle holder from Target's Threshold line. I think they're phasing these out right now and there's a few coupon codes showing for it, too. I like that it gives a bit more visual interest to my smaller items. But I'm sure it works well for wine, too.

Large faux teak Picture Frame- Also from Target. I don't believe they have this frame anymore either. But I would definitely recommend perusing their clearance end caps whenever you're there for really unique frames.

Himalayan Salt Lamp- My lamp was a gift to me from my family, but I have several in my Amazon "Save for later" section because I love mine and want one for every room of my house. You can check out the assortment Amazon has here.

Entering a casually boho eclectic decorated space the living room of a 1950's brick ranch

White Garden Stool- I picked mine up from Lowe's because it's metal, not ceramic (i.e. breakable by a toddle) and it was a really good deal!

Teal Rug- This rug is gorgeous. And it's soft, easy to clean, and hasn't stained once with my son's several spills a day phase he's going through. It's Target :). You can buy it here- take advantage of sales and promo codes. I remember buying mine for $170.00 for the 7' x 10'.

Candle Sconces- On either side of the TV. I found them on a Target clearance end cap after debating for a long time over buying between 2 other way more expensive ones. Definitely gotta peruse those endcaps!

gilded bamboo look acheived with spray paint and discarded bamboo

Gold Arch Lamp- The lamp was not gold when I bought it! It's this lamp from Amazon and I coated it with grecian gold rub n buff.

Navy & Jute Floor Pouf- I picked up the floor pouf from Target. Their selection is massive, but it doesn't look like there's any of this particular style left.

Teal Planter- From Lowe's. It's a really pretty deep teal color.

hipster decorating vintage style

Mongolian Fur Pillow- Burlington Coat Factory. They've got loads of super beautiful pillows and I never wouldn't have know if it weren't for Instagram (i ♥ Instagram!)

Soda Crate- Etsy.

Mexican Blanket- 7-11 convenience store. (no joke!)

soda crate elevate the eye above the table and creates visual interest

There's everything! I hope you've found this Source Post helpful and interesting. If there's anything not listed that you're curious about, leave a comment and I can let you know what the deal is. If it's furniture, you can check that out in my All About Used Furniture post. Have a wonderful day and thank you for being here!

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 A Boho Vintage living room source list


  1. Great room! Love the gallery wall and your planters. Popping over from the Think and Make Link Party!

  2. No you did not get that blanket from 7-11?!!! I guess I need to go there :) thanks for sharing your sources! Seriously crushing on your blog right now.

  3. corinna.ah@gmail.comJuly 27, 2015 at 1:13 PM

    Thanks Stephanie!


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