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As I'm introducing myself, my home, my hopes and dreams, I think it's a lot of fun to share with you what inspires me. The kind of homes I gravitate towards on Apartment Therapy and Design*Sponge Home Tours are the lofty/cottagey/cute downtown apartmentey types of homes. I'm a total charm junkie and those kinds of places are full of it. If you love to oggle and drool over charming homes, here are a few you'll have to check out:

Kristen & Michelle's Modern Bohemian Home

This home is a really cute one. Totally fits the cottage bill. I love the bright colors of the exterior and the front porch. This little home is the epitome of "the Good kind of cozy."


The shot that most drew me in when viewing their tour on Apartment Therapy was this shot in their kitchen. That vintage stove! Be still my beating heart! I also find the little steel microwave cart incredibly charming for some reason. I just love when things fit together well but are obviously not intentionally put together. Any other home would likely have a sliver of counter top here, but nope, pump up that charm factor with an adorable microwave cart instead.


Sasha's Silver Lake Bohemian Bungalow

Have I mentioned how much of a charm junkie I am? A home with vintage character is just so enjoyable to look at. I find arched doorways and wood beams visually interesting. I just enjoy looking at them. Sasha's home does. not. disappoint. Her home tour on Apartment Therapy oozes with all the good things.


A home like this makes the perfect back drop for vintage furniture and bohemian accessories. It's like the best sensory roller coaster you could ever go on. Texture meets character. It's a beautiful thing. Check out how the wood tone in the floors matches those stunning beams. It all feels so cohesive.


Carrie & Hal's Modern Bohemian Home

If you love mid century modern furniture you have to check this tour out. Seriously, if you only go on to check out the rest of just one tour, check this one out. It has a lot of the same features that I swoon over- arched doorways, french doors, vintage bathroom tile. But, the furnishings are what mid century modern furniture junkie's dreams are made of. Well, I can at least say they're what my furniture dreams are made of.


The room i felt especially drawn to in this home is the sun porch/sitting porch/maybe an addition to the home/home office space. I need this space in my house. Isn't it beautiful?


I would love to be surrounded by all that beautiful sunlight, growing lush greenery. I know it would be so inspiring and motivating. With a limitless budget, I know exactly where I'd put my own study. I think placing a desk in front of any bright window would be inspiring and motivating, though. Maybe just not as much ;)

Natasha & Rob's Super Smart Small Space

Amongst many other things that make my heart pitter patter, unusually small spaces are another one of those things. I find small space living fascinating. Especially when paired with this phenomenal brick wall with a charming fireplace. The home tour also boasts tons of style, too!


The Home Where Snow White Grew Up

Well, isn't that just a title that draws you in? The story is actually quite interesting, you can read all about it in the full house tour. So you basically assume it's going to be some cute charming cottage in the middle of the woods, right? Not quite. I actually really, really like the simple details paired with the plants and furnishings.


No charm is lost on the way to the kitchen though. Old cabinets are incorporated into modern living, an arched doorway for an interesting and airy walk way, gleaming wood floors, and very retro red tile border. They make for a very cozy and welcoming home.


Lauren's Warm and Light Chicago Condo

The windows and brick wall in this condo are to die for. Obviously all of these homes have something super swanky about them, but the windows in this particular home are incredible. These windows are huge and bring so much light into this space. A space that is beautifully decorated, too. Can't hurt to oggle and envy those vintage pieces!


Bohemian Charm Meets Mid Century Modern In Sunny Florida

This home tour may not be lofty or cottagey, but I find it incredibly charm infused. I love the layers of textiles and collected furnishings. I think carefully curated pieces can create just as charming of a home as one with built in charm. Well... almost as charming. There's just something that can't be beat about built in charm.


I highly recommend that you click those links within each home tour's section. These homes are so inspiring and I think you'll really enjoy them! I pin all of my favorite home tours to this Pinterest board. So make sure you give it a follow so you can check out newer ones as I find them!

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