How I Made It: Gold Bamboo Curtain Rods

gols painted bamboo mimic the look of gilded bamboo

One of my favorite pieces that I made for our living room when we first started working on it are the gold bamboo curtain rods. It's something I always knew I wanted in the space and I think they just get better and better the more my decor style evolves.

I really enjoy a natural element like bamboo glitz up. It's sometimes the perfect little dose of hollywood regency a room needs. I'm a big fan of gilded bamboo. So if you are too, I'm sharing how I made my gold bamboo curtain rods.

Years and years ago I picked up very long red stained bamboo sticks from Pier One. I've hung onto them all this time even though I tend to steer clear of red in my home because I love the look of bamboo and knew I'd end up using them for something. I've seen short bamboo rods for sale at dollar stores before and if you live in a urban to suburban area, you may even be able to find someone begging you to take it for free from their backyard (bamboo is an aggressive plant, just so you know!), they'll just need to be dried out first.

Because mine were already stained and sealed, I needed to give them one hell of a sand down. It took a while but I knew I needed to get rid of as much of the red as possible or I'd spend a fortune on gold spray paint.

Sand bamboo rod finish and any stain down

Once they were sanded and cleaned, it was just a matter of spray painting them. Our garage has a workshop addition with rods in random places, so I use them to slip rods onto when spray painting.

Spray painting bamboo rods

The hardware was created using L brackets, machine screws, and one hole straps. Really easy! I spray painted them the same gold color.

bracket equation using hardware store supplies for easy custom curtain rod brackets

The contrast between the gold bamboo and crochet curtains makes my heart happy. I love a balance of masculine and feminine details in a space, it just makes it feel so cohesive and harmonious.

gilded bamboo look acheived with spray paint and discarded bamboo

Got any good sources for curtain rods? Any DIY curtain rod lovers out there? Leave me a comment telling me all about your curtain rod experiences and then don't forget to give this post a share before you leave!

Gold Bamboo hollywood regency Curtain Rod Tutorial, because gilded bamboo is pretty but expensive!

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