Mix & Match - An Eclectic Gallery Wall

Mix & Match to create an epic gallery wall

Hey Guys!

I hope you're not sick of hearing me talking about things related to my living room yet. Since revealing the "finished" room, A Boho Vintage Living Room, I've wanted to share every element that went into the space. One of the remaining pieces to chat about is the gallery wall. It's the first gallery wall I've put together but I really love how it turned out. It's more eclectic than I'd normally lean, but every piece that went into it makes me happy.

Mix & Match- A Guide to Eclectic Gallery Walls via A Designer At Home

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Here are some key pieces that I personally feel makes for a visually interesting and naturally coordinates:

Some Order + Coordinating Colors + Handmade + "Real Art" + Natural Element + Dimension + Reflective Elements

Some Order: Sometimes the eyes need something "easy" to rest on and that's easy when there's "order." Order can be the way elements are lined up or a coordinating set of frames. An example of this would be the peach painted frames lined up in a row in my own gallery wall.

Coordinating Colors: Just as with designing a space, you should choose a color scheme and stick to it. Think like you would with a space. You could do a bunch of neutrals or black and white with a pop of color or vice versa with a lot of color and pops of neutral. Look into color theory and trust your judgement. Your brain and eyes know what's pleasing, and it's most important that it makes you happy. My color scheme is peach/orange/magenta/gold/grey and it's very colorful. I also really love the mostly neutral with pops of green and blue that I created in the pseudo gallery wall above.

Handmade: I have to encourage you to attempt to DIY an art piece. My handmade elements are most of my gallery wall, but himmeli is pretty easy to get the hang of, framing decorative paper in a painted frame is easy, and I've even shared here on the blog the easiest way to make a wall hanging. You can totally paint an abstract painting and throw it into a mix of thrifted and purchased prints and it will make an absolutely stunning gallery wall.

"Real" Art: "Real" Art is stuff like the prints you can get from Minted.com, Etsy shop owners, thrift stores and more. It's really just an element that you did not make but that was made by someone else. I just think it's a really great way to show appreciation for other's work and it adds an element to a gallery wall that gives something more. My "real" art piece is a print from Lochness Studio on Etsy. It's the flamingo. It's a total pop against everything else going on but it's interesting and in the right colors.

Natural Element: This one definitely should be interpreted to fit your style. I have a lot of natural elements going on, the agate slice and the natural fibers of the wall hanging are examples. Cotton rope from a wall hanging or rope wrapped mirrors also work great for this. Got a beach vibe? Try adding in a sea fan. This is a great element to get creative on and will definitely bring in an eclectic feel.

Dimension: Think outside the box and get 3 dimensional with your wall. Anything from clay sculpture to metal work to anything that pops out against the wall (faux taxidermy anyone?). You'll be glad you took the plunge and gave it a chance. My favorite dimensional element is my pink vintage ukulele, it's so unique and adorable.

Reflective Elements: I believe that mirrors are totally necessary in every room. They bounce light around and let you catch an alfalfa moment. But you can also do reflective elements with metallics and sparkle.

eclectic gallery wall with pops of peach, pink, magenta, gold and grey

Every element should fit your style and tastes. I love my gallery wall and want you to love yours too. Definitely play with things and omit what just doesn't work for you (but totally give it a chance, first!). I hope you've found these tips inspiring and useful and I hope you've learned something new today. I would love to check your gallery wall out if you've got one (leave me a link if you've got one in the comments) and if you don't have one- what element do you love most in an eclectic gallery wall?


  1. Very nice! I love gallery walls! I created one in my home by framing pretty pieces of scrapbook paper!

  2. corinna.ah@gmail.comAugust 4, 2015 at 11:02 PM

    I love your gallery wall, Lauren! Thanks so much for stopping by!


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