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Hey Guys!

Let's chat thrifty finds today. It's Thursday, which means I've got a thrifty find to share with you. And if you've got a thrifty find and an Instagram, tag a picture of it with #thriftscorethursday, because my cohosts and I also share features from the feed today and every Thursday. I'm first going to dive into an adorable new accessory I picked up for my living room.


I have an awesome little boy's and girl's club thrift store right around the corner from my house. It's normally a mess, but I feel like I find the best stuff for the price I pay here. This last trip, I was prepared to leave empty handed until I saw this doll sized fanbacked chair. It had no price but they're really cool about giving a good deal at the register. I kept it cool when she said, "50 cents, It's broken so 50 cents."



Dolls totally freak me out, but I have lots of small plants and I'm always looking for fun ways to display them. I have a lot of them on my vintage bar cart. And that's definitely where this plant will go back and forth from so I can make sure it gets enough light.

gold vintage bar cart full of lush plants the perfect way to use a bar cart with little kids around!

And regardless of whether or not anything sits on the chair, I think it's a fun textural piece that also works as a conversation starter (because I know few people in real life who dig these kinds of things). Once I get those IKEA Vittsjo shelves in here like I talked about when I discussed future plans for my living room, I'll get it off the floor (same with the books :'D)


And now to spread some love for fellow thrifters and their amazing thrift scores, here are my featured picks from the feed:

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="700"]image @modbeachhouse The Hubs was off yesterday and wanted to go thrifting. Who am I to argue with that? We found some pretty good stuff. I've been wanting a floral ginger jar.? Some very nice coral. Zebra pot? Yes, please. Brass & cloisonné candle stick? Sure, why not?! #thriftscore #thriftscorethursday #gingerjar #palmbeachchic #palmbeachregency #chinoiserie #chinoiseriechic #coral #seashells #brass #brassisback #cloisonné #zebra #thrifthaul #designonadime #thriftyhome[/caption]

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="700"]image @suite22antiques Brass beauty... trunks up for good luck![/caption]

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="700"]image @ericareitman There were some hiccups at first, but just like Kanye and Tay Tay's budding friendship, our new little house is COMIN' TOGETHER. Truth time: I hung that wall hanging in the...[/caption]

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That's all I have for you today, but that's not all! Check out my co-hosts' finds and features by clicking on the images below. We have the wonderful Kristin from Bliss at Home hosting with us this week (yay!). Have a wonderful day and thanks for being here!

TST Guest Host Kristin

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Thrift Score Thursday Cassie

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  1. love your chair!!! i passed one up recently that was child sized but too small for my kids and they wanted over $10 which was too much for me for that chair! ;) also, there are no features? not sure if you meant to add them, but you mention them but then don't have any. wanted to give you a heads up!

  2. Like Cassie, I also passed up a pair, although these were of the adult-size. Both sides of the spindles on one of the chairs were in rough shape and they really, really had that smoke/musty smell.

    I really dig that you used the mini-version as a planter holder. Every time I pass the mini's all I think of are those stuffed rabbits or weird novelty stuffed animals that are placed on them. I may have to reconsider.

  3. I love those little chairs. I see them all the time and think they fit your style perfectly! Thanks for having me join in on the fun this week :) xo

  4. So cute and such a great idea to use it as a plant stand! Love it, Corinna!

  5. Thanks Kristin! So happy you could join us.


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