TST #82 Chinese Palace Lanterns

Chinese Palace Lantern Garland

Hey Guys!

Welcome back to another edition of Thrift Score Thursday. This is week 82 and with that I'm sharing my favorite find to date and what I did with it. I can't tell you how thrilled I am to have spent that $1.98!

Below you'll see exactly what I saw on the shelf of the thrift store along with lots of trinkets, candlestick holders and junk. I'm curious, so I picked it up and fiddled around with it to try to figure out what it was. Thankfully one of the boxes popped open and a little chinese lantern was inside! I thought I'd take my chances that that's what was inside all of the bags because you're not allowed to open the bags at this thrift store but I liked what I saw.

Chinese Palace Lantern Garland

I brought them home, gushed over how beautiful the tiny lanterns were and pondered for a few days as to what to do with them. I considered using them as Christmas ornaments, but I didn't want to wait to use them, nor did I want to feel obligated to pack them away once the holidays were over. A bit more pondering and I decided to use them strung onto some string as a garland. How "boho," amiright?

Chinese Palace Lantern Garland

So I found some red embroidery floss, strung the lanterns onto it and tacked two ends to the wall behind the mirror. I have no idea what their real purpose is or where they're from (though the box says they are CHinese Lanterns, the other side also says "Made In Taiwan"). They may very well just be a touristey thing. But I love them, and I think they go great in this space!
(*Pst! Source list for this room will finally be up on the blog tomorrow!)


Now what did you all find? Let's oggle at some features! (Because there's no better way to feel underwhelmed about your recent score than to take a peek at the #ThriftScoreThursday feed!)

Ariel shared this porch shot and it's cozy fall amazingness. 1. I realized I needed to decide quick if I was giving Fall decorating any time this year (probably not, but kid is collecting some beautiful leaves in an apothecary jar!) and 2. That blanket looks like the best Fall accessory for life.

[caption id="attachment_1171" align="aligncenter" width="480"]@pmqfortwo #moveitupmonday because I'm still in love with our #fallporchstyle! ???? Swing by the blog to see what else I've got going on #eclecticallyfall #falldecor #fallcolors #fall #hudsonbaycompany #hbcblanket #homedecorblogger #canadianhomedecorblogger @pmqfortwo #moveitupmonday because I'm still in love with our #fallporchstyle! ???? Swing by the blog to see what else I've got going on #eclecticallyfall #falldecor #fallcolors #fall #hudsonbaycompany #hbcblanket #homedecorblogger #canadianhomedecorblogger[/caption]

Just please. Get in my house. All. Of. It. *sigh*

[caption id="attachment_1172" align="aligncenter" width="480"]lynda_dsouzaFinally got my own spider coffee table and I love it. It was a craigslist score that was bigger than I expected but oh so beautiful. #thriftscorethursday #craigslist #spidercoffeetable #vintagehomedecor #interiorsstyling #vintage #brass @lynda_dsouza Finally got my own spider coffee table and I love it. It was a craigslist score that was bigger than I expected but oh so beautiful.
#thriftscorethursday #craigslist #spidercoffeetable #vintagehomedecor #interiorsstyling #vintage #brass[/caption]

And this is #goals. Really though, wall color, art, mirror, lantern, planters, dresser.

[caption id="attachment_1173" align="aligncenter" width="480"]@at_home_in_maywood #thriftscorethursday #colddeadfingers #vintagedresser #hangingplant #masterbedroom #boardandbatten @at_home_in_maywood #thriftscorethursday #colddeadfingers #vintagedresser #hangingplant #masterbedroom #boardandbatten[/caption]

And that's going to wrap up this TST post for me. The features were really hard to choose this week. Definitely keep them coming! We love to see your finds as do others in the community. See you tomorrow!

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  1. your lantern garland is SO fun! and i featured that mcm brass tray table, too- i love it and i feel a new coffee table coming on in my home.... if i can find one!

  2. Okay, those lanterns are absolutely adorable! Using them as garland was particularly inspired! Thanks for having me on as your co-host--it was loads of fun!

  3. Oh my, those mini lanterns are so cute! Stringing them onto a garland was just genius! The pop of red looks fantastic... I really think I could use some more red in my home! It's a color I shy away from using, but it's just so vibrant and incredible!

  4. Totally missed that spider coffee table. I'm not sure I've ever spied one with a brassy topper like that.

    I've always passed by all those goodie bags, seeing your cute finds makes me want to keep an eye open!


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