Little Ways To Make Card Giving Extra Special

Do you know why I look forward to Halloween? The day after is when I start my Christmas decorating. Because I friggin' love Christmas. It's my favorite! This year I am hunkering down and getting my Christmas cards sent. Since I've been so terrible about it the past few years, and because I really really love my friends and family, I wanted to make the cards just a little bit extra special.

I've already chosen the most amazing cards of life, but when my recipients open those cards, I want there to be a special touch that makes them smile. I've been thinking about this for months now and I've come up with quite a few cute ideas so I had to share them with you just in case you wanted to do a little somethin' this year, too.

The best part? Many of these are like a small gift and they're all relatively inexpensive to make and/or pick up. Since it's out of our budget to buy actual gifts for everyone on our list this year, this is our special little way of letting them know we care.

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Coordinating Stickers

One of the first really cute ways I thought of to make opening a card more fun for the receiver is to have stickers inside that coordinate with the design of the card. There are many cards that have coordinating stickers available.This would probably be the easiest way of adding a surprise to your card giving.

Snowflake Square Holiday Cards | SnowFlake Square Stickers

Snowflake Band Holiday Photo Card | Snowflake Wall Stickers

Confetti Filling

Maybe not the most practical of ideas, but how fun would it be to open up a card from a loved one and have coordinating confetti slip out. It's like a mini party in a greeting. I've seen this done for Wedding invitations, but why aren't we doing this with every card? It would make me happy to live in a house with confetti everywhere form cards.

Heart Be Light Foil Pressed Holiday Cards | Gold Star Confetti

Glitter In Matching Colors

On the flip side, if you want to irritate your receiver and have them thinking of you for days after opening your card, you could put matching glitter inside! They'd be cleaning flecks of glitter off themselves for days. Probably not the realistic of ideas but it occurred to me so I figured I'd share for humor purposes.

Bold Sparkle Holiday Photo Card | Glitter

Hand Drawn/Hand Colored Art

If you're talented, you could hand draw mini pieces of art for your recipients. I enjoy letting my son doodle on the back of cards so that a piece of him can travel to our friends and family. If you're not particulalry proud of your artwork, you can also source out artwork similar to your cards design. There are very cool ready to print and color options available nowadays!

Joy Cheer and Love Holiday Cards | Hand Drawn Flower Printable

Choose Cards That Are Ornaments

Of course, you can always just opt for cards that are a small gift. Like cards that are ornament ready. I love this idea. I wish everyone were on board with this so I could just have a tree full of beautiful cards and reminders of friends and family.

Snowflake Holiday Ornament Card | Sparkling Be Merry Ornament Card

Coordinating Flat Magnet

Do you live afar from friends and family? Why not get a card that honors your location while giving the recipient a little something to remind them of you every time they go to their fridge? Yes! Flat fridge magnets are light and won't cause dimpling in the card. You could also spin this in another direction and have custom magnets made with your face on it.

Holiday Map Card | Somebody Loves Me Magnet

Pressed Matching Botanicals

Is there a botanical element to your card? Why not include matching pressed botanicals? Many cards feature mistletoe in one way or another. An idea would be to pick up pressed mistletoe to slip into the card. Of course you'll want to protect the card so slipping card stock on either side would be a good idea, but it's a gift the receiver can display well after the holidays.

Sweet and Soft Joy Holiday Card | Mistletoe


By far my favorite card stuffer idea is feathers! How sweet would that be softly falling out of a card. Again, it's the idea of pairing an element that would coordinate with the card itself. I've seen many cards with flowy details that would compliment feathers.

Painterly Holiday Photo Card | Feathers

Outtakes From Photo Shoot

And one last idea for you. When I see cards with photos I always wonder what the outtakes looked like. Wouldn't it be such a special treat to share those funny pictures within the card? Just have a stack of fun outtakes printed off at your local drugstore and slip one in. The recipient is sure to love it.

Timeless Greeting Holiday Photo Card | Metropolis Holiday Photo Card

Which card & stuffer combination is your favorite??

Here's our Christmas cards this year!

I had to sneak in an outtake! I hope you have just as much creating and sharing your Christmas cards this year!


  1. Those are all fun; I love the feathers!

  2. awesome ideas! you definitely got my creative juices flowing :) creating handmade cards all year you would think i would have my holiday card nailed down by now. nope. thank you for the awesome ideas!

  3. i love the 'joy' card, how sweet!

  4. I would pick the Holiday Map cards because I have been living in my apartment for a year and want to celebrate living on my own.

  5. I love your ideas! The feathers and pressed botanicals are probably my 2 faves. Although I would most likely have tons of outtakes to share with our family being so crazy :) And I friggin' love Christmas, too! We actually ran to Home Depot Friday night for one thing and ended up in the Christmas section for half an hour! LOL! MERRY CHRISTMAS!!

  6. Sweet ideas! We are doing the ornamental cards as long distance gifts this year..

    IG: cjq07

  7. Such a cute idea! I really love the foil on the "splash" card!

  8. Heart be light foil!

  9. Love Including some of the pics that didn't make the card!

  10. I really like the retro worded tree card - so very simple and lovely!

    As for what I would put in the card - I like the idea of outtakes of the photo shoot...which reminds me...I need to schedule our holiday photo shoot.

  11. Glitter would be so mean!

  12. This list is amazing! Will have for try one of these ideas this year.
    My favorite is the feather card.

  13. I love the card ornament idea!

  14. Glitter irritated my anal friends but since we just moved from Kentucky to Nova Scotia, the magnets are the idea I will use this year. Thanks and Merry Christmas!

  15. The glitter or the confetti! How fun ;) Happy Holidays!

  16. Timeless Greeting!

  17. The foil cards add such a nice touch, love those!

  18. corinna.ah@gmail.comNovember 3, 2015 at 10:30 AM

    The. Christmas section at home depot is on point right now! I would love to see the outtakes from your photo shoot. I bet they'd be so fun!

  19. I would love to use the sparkling be merry holiday ornament card, thanks!

  20. The sparkle orament card is really special! It would be fun to give and receive.

  21. The sparkle orament card is really special! It would be fun to give and receive. The out takes sound interesting.

  22. Love the ornament cards. I always display my cards and if they all came like an ornament, that would be sooo fun & easy to display.

  23. Love the Too Cute by Design Lotus card. And the confetti idea!!

  24. I love the Joy Cheer and Love Holiday Card!

  25. I like the Artful Joy Foil Pressed cards.

  26. I would love to use the hand drawn/hand colored art cards this holiday season.


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