A Beginner's Photography

I'm not a photographer, even if I try really hard most days, it's just not my passion. I've always dabbled here and there and because of this blog I've got a bit of equipment. Recently my son has taken an interest in the equipment laying about and he asked if he could take, "play with mommy's camera."

I said sure.

So I popped in my memory card, showed him how to turn live view on and where the "button that takes the picture is."

The camera is on a tripod with the shutter release timer on. He was quite excited to find he was able to then jump in his photographs.

These are his pictures. I wanted to share them here because it's his passion. I want to document the happenings in my home and this is what's happening. Here we go.

I slightly bumped up the highlights, saturation and clarity on these ones.





Because he doesn't have control over any element other than his subject matter, on these ones I've adjusted the brightness, contrast and clarity to enhance the subject matter. Some I've had to adjust the temperature because the television was casting a blue tint over everything.







These were taken the next night with similar edits made to enhance the subject matter.





I think more than just simply showing off my child's latest infatuation, I hope this gives a little glimpse into what real life is like around here. My husband and I work real jobs during the day so our family time is when we are exhausted at the end of the day. We've lost all sunlight, our home is a wreck, but we just want to be together.

I'm behind on vlogs right now, but I do have the footage. The time change has really messed me up and I'm even more tired than usual in the evenings. I'm hoping to get one of those out this weekend as well as work on an update on the bathroom (we're at a snail's pace right now). Also, be on the look out for some Christmas related posts *yay*

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