When Design Plans Change - Sink Faucet Dilemma

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Today I wanted to sit down and chat a little bit about one of the roadblocks we hit during this bathroom renovation. Everyone knows that taking on a remodel of any kind in a house that's a bit older is nearly always going to lead to a surprise of some kind. Thankfully we've found no leaks, no lead, no structural issues, no bad wiring. None of the usual culprits at least. So basically we've been so blessed in this process. But one thing we did run into is something I've never seen brought up before and that's why I felt like I had to chat about it.

Design Dilemma- how we handled out faucet design plans being foiled by SCALD GUARD

Older faucets don't have scald guard.

My original design plan involved the use of oil rubbed bronze and brass/gold. One of the pieces I was excited to use in the space is the brass circlet toilet paper holder. It is a beautiful piece, but that wasn't the only reason for my excitement. The octagonal base actually closely resembles the base of the shower/tub fixtures in our old bathroom. How cool, right?



I figured I'd pull out the ol' Pinterest trick of spray painting the fixtures and call it a day.

Unfortunately, in one of the visits from potential contractors, it was pointed out to us that the fixtures in the bathroom were original to the build of the house. OK, who cares, was my initial reaction. And then they proceeded to explain what it is (regulates the water temperature so that it doesn't get too hot, causes scalds or a burn) and I thought that sounded like something we really should have in a house with a 3 year old who likes to start his own baths.

I know it's the right thing to do to replace the fixtures not only for my child's safety, but for anyone else who may live in this house in the future.

And that's when I started having fun looking at new fixtures for the bathroom. Luckily, I've had the awesome opportunity to work with Moen for this bathroom remodel. So we did not have to come out of pocket for the fixtures, but they are within the budget we initially set for them.

Bathroom fixtures can we an expense that hits hard, especially if you've never taken on a bathroom remodel before. We're talking hundreds of dollars here. But the great thing about choosing fixtures is that they're easy to take with you when you move. You see them every day so they provide function but also add to the feel of the space. I personally do feel like they're worth investing some money into. Especially if you've already splurged in another area of the same space. Fancy tile with a basic towel rack? That tile won't feel as fancy...


The fixtures we chose to use in our space are the MOEN Banbury 4 in. centerset high arc sink faucet, and for the tub/shower we chose to use the Ashville 1-Handle Tub and Shower Faucet. Our toilet paper holder and towel rods are also from the Ashville collection, for reference. One thing I have to note here is that the finish appears to be oil rubbed bronze with gold/bronze peeking through. Those gold spots are actually quite copper. Which works fabulously with out oil rubbed bronze and copper metallics theme.

My home was built in 1954 which meant that we were on the teetering edge of possible problems. While we avoided all the well known problems, scald guard was something I'd never heard of. I hope this gives you helpful insight into the considerations that need to be accounted for in a bathroom remodel and that you've found this helpful!

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