A Designer At Home: Top Posts of 2015

Top Posts of 2015 on A Designer At Home

Hello Friends!

I'm checking in today to share the top posts of 2015 here on A Designer At Home. I try to make this site a helpful place full of inspiring and informational personal experiences. My goal is to create beautiful spaces meant for living in. Sometimes that means something as unglamorous as putting insulation in the bathroom because it gets cold in the winter and I don't like hearing the toilet flush in the next room over. Other times it's thrifting the perfect piece to bring the right vibe to my space. And a lot of the times it's about buying, making, and rearranging pretty things.

I've been so blessed this past year to share a lot with you. In fact, this is the 100th blog post on this site! Say what? So it's the perfect time to recap the top posts, as decided by pinterest or google and a few of my personal favorites. So which post was the most viewed this past year?

Removing Sliding Doors from a Shower

Haha! I cannot believe so many people would find my personal experience in gross mold growth and shower door removal so interesting! This is one of those things we did because we knew it was harboring something harmful to our health. And I'm loving the ease of cleaning, the pretty shower curtains I can use, and the elbow room. Shower curtains budge, glass doesn't!


Free Watercolor Printable/Downloadable

I'm not surprised the opportunity for something free wound up being the second most viewed post on the site. I'm happy that an activity of bonding with my son ended up reaching so many people. A few have emailed me to share their creations and that makes me very happy. If you've had a chance to download and create something with them, I want to see! (And you can catch Holiday printables here)

gotta save this for later! free watercolor downloadable I can def use this

How I Made It: Macrame Wall Hanging

From my "How I Made It" series, a DIY tutorial landed as the third most viewed post. Macrame is awesome and you definitely have to give it a go if you haven't yet tried it. Thankfully the trend is still holding strong. I've slowly been working on another piece that I hope to share sometime soon. Leave me a comment if you want to see more macrame!

This would fill up that blank wall space perfectly! Macrame wall hanging tutorial with knots and variations - A Designer At Home

Global + Craftsman + Boho Bathroom Remodel

Personally, my favorite post has been the one where I shared this last mood board for the Bathroom renovation. We're still slowly chugging along on that space. I'll have more updates, tutorials, and information on that space soon. Right now the bones are in place and it's starting to embody the vision I had.

Global Craftsman Boho bathroom remodel demo progress updated design board, thrifted vanity and carefully sourced accessories

 And if you've only recently popped in here, or this is even your first time here. I invite you to check out my very first entry here and consider signing up to follow via email. Low budget kitchen cosmetic upgrades are in the plan for 2016. As well as bedroom and dining room furnishing and decorating. And, of course, I'll finally be revealing the finished bathroom.

Check out the Project Gallery

I love you so much for being here! Thank you for giving this space purpose.

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  1. It's always surprising to me what happens to be the most popular! I have to go read that shower post (I missed it somehow) because I'm still on the fence about putting doors in our basement bathroom.

  2. I'm not surprised the shower doors post was a hit. Those things are nasty :) I'll check out that post since I'm taking the sliding doors off my shower and have to convince my husband that we do not want to replace them!

  3. Ooookay, we are thinking of remodeling our bathroom, and I was considering glass doors, but after reading your shower door post, I'm considering it NO MORE. Wow! I know my shower curtain liner gets kind of nasty, but I never thought about that getting trapped in the door frame instead. Yikes! I guess it kind of shows that you have to trust your guy when it comes to posts, though--you never know what will resonate!


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