Glittered Woodland Creatures & Burlap Garland

Hey everyone! Continuing with Christmas week, I wanted to share this tutorial for a rustic burlap and twine garland. Last year I actually used in on my Christmas tree, but this year I draped it around the window behind my tree to make it the centerpiece of the vignette. I'm really excited to share with you how I made the garland. It's so pretty and looks great anywhere you could use it.

Rustic Burlap and Twine Garland

If you'd like to make your own burlap and twine garland, I'm going to show you how I made it from scrap burlap material. But you could substitute the burlap for a roll of burlap ribbon (isn't it awesome that stuff is so readily available nowadays?). I also embellished mine with glittery woodland animals, too. But you could skip that part and make this a quick one.

  • Burlap

  • Scissors

  • Hot Glue

  • Animal Stencils

  • Glitter Glue

  • Roll of hemp or jute twine
To make thick burlap ribbon, cut about 4 inch wide strips as long as you can.

Use your hot glue gun to glue the ends together.

Once you have enough to wrap around your tree (every tree is different), roll it into a roll to make the next steps easier to work it with.

Here's where to start if you bought burlap ribbon- I was very, very neglectful and did not take pictures of this pictures. Rather, I swear I did but cannot find them! I simply printed out an owl, deer head, and squirrel silhouette and cut them out with scissors. Center your stencils onto the burlap. Using glitter glue in a squeeze tube, trace the stencils.

Here's where you start if you're skipping the animal silhouettes- Leave a bit of space and use some jute or hemp twice to tie a bow around a pinched section of burlap. Then trace another stencil, pinch your burlap, and tie a bow. Repeat these steps until you've reached the end of your garland.

Pretty simple, right? It looks beautiful when paired with other woodsy Christmas Tree decor!

And looks great hung around a Christmas vignette!

I hope you've enjoyed this tutorial and  that it inspired an idea or two! Please give it a share and leave a comment below letting me know what you think!

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  1. I love this idea! I have been doing my Christmas decorations in plaid and burlap, and I think this is a great way to "spruce" up the burlap garland. Thanks for the inspiration!


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