Vintage Boho Hallway Space Refresh

vintage eclectic hallway makeover- refreshed in 3 short weeks

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Today is the big day for the New Year New Room Refresh Challenge. For 3 weeks, 11 bloggers (including myself) have been refreshing a space in the spirit of new beginnings with it being a new year. The space I chose to refresh, decorate, and breathe new life into is my hallway. Hallways have a pretty solid reputation for being dark, dull and uncreative in terms of design style. It really doesn't have to be that way! Hardware, unique artwork and lighting and rugs and small furniture all tie in this space with the adjoining spaces. The overall theme of my home is Vintage Bohemian so let me show you how I made that happen in such a small, awkward space. *This is a picture heavy post and may take a moment longer than usual to load*
PS, new camera arrived just in time for these photos so bear with me as I get used to it. I'm keeping words to a minimum and I'll be chatting more about the details over the next two weeks.

rounding the corner from an eclectic vintage bohemian living room to go down the newly decorated to match hallway

this hallway has no natural light so a large framed outdoor print adds the outdoor feel to a very indoor space

homey cozy touches, vintage details and a gallery wall for this bright hallway

vintage hallway runner rug adds color and comfort to an otherwise dark and dull hallway

hallway gallery wall mix of photographs, memories, thrift finds and art


cheery vintage eclectic hallway makeover- refreshed in 3 short weeks

vintage mixed with old inspired new pieces lends a feel for global eclectic

end of hallway peeking into adjacent bedroom

simple thrifted and handmade treasures don the walls of this hallway

peek of the bathroom and little details of the hallway

edison bulb sputnik inspired chandelier in hallway

edison bulb sputnik style chandelier to brighten a dark hallway

half of a thrifted collected globally inspired hallway gallery wall

second half of hallway gallery wall with thrifted, collected, and custom pieces

in a space without natural light, photograph art of my favorite plants brings the plant look to a space that can't have any

husband and wife candid cash smash photos from the wedding day hung in their hallway

thrifted woven frame added accent to a hallway gallery wall

custom framed instagram photo boho child

boho thrifted decorated hallway cabinet

global gypsy bohemian cabinet top decorating

collection of gems, stones and crystals nestled in a thrifted basket complete the cozy feeling for end of the hallway decor

vintage wooden elephants and a lantern

swingarm dimmable lamp adds multifuncional additional lighting for the hallway. changing out switchplates adds a custom and upgraded feel.

unique closure for dongbei cabinet

dongbei wood cabinet small for end of hallway storage

cottage bungalow inspired switchplates switch up boring and basic to interesting with character

custom framed free art against white walls

layered collected wall art

thrifted wooden wall sconce with a cactus candle and a dab of paint

large wall art acts as a mock window in a dark low lit hallway with no natural light

white canvas with lots of pattern and texture- a global boho vintage inspired hallway makeover

I have to give a huge thank you to Minted, LampsPlus, Rug Pad Corner, and Framebridge for providing products used in this makeover. Even with their assistance I still ended up over budget on the space. I'm sure that's something you wonder about when you see these reveals so I thought I'd share the price break down with the reveal of this space. My budget was $1,200.00 to refresh this space. That sounds like a lot, I know. There was a very specific look I wanted for this space and paint and DIY wasn't going to cover everything I wanted done- plus I have a lot going on right now and knew I wouldn't be able to budget a lot of time for projects. So, where did that money go?

Total Budget: $1,200.00

Artwork: $577.00

Lighting: $399.98

Rug & Pad: $139.43

Cabinet: $174.24

Mirror: $20.00

Baskets, Sconce, Other thrifted pieces: $5.75

Everything Else I already had: $0.00

Total: $1316.40

Quick Source List:

Ceiling Light, Wall Light, Cabinet, Rug, Rug Pad, Flower Print, Cactus Print, Zebra Plant Print, Framed Instagram Prints, Other Frames

Relevant affiliate discount codes:

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And Don't Forget! There are 10 other bloggers to visit today! Thanks for following along on this space's refresh, stick around for more room makeovers and remodels :)


New Year, New Room Refresh Challenge Participants:


  1. Wow Corinna! This looks great! I love the eclectic/modern style you have! I have to say the light fixture and the wall art are my favorite. Great Job!

  2. Oh girl! I love it! That light fixture is incredible! And the huge piece of art is soooo good! Wonderful job!

  3. Oh my word, really gave this hall some personality and I am loving how much more brighter and airy the space feels with the white walls. Great job Corinna!

  4. It's so fresh and bright!!!! I really likes the mix items, unique pieces (cactus candle) and textures! Well done! That's not an easy space to design!

  5. The rug and light fixture are both gorgeous, and I love the mix of prints you used. The hallway is truly transformed--well done!

  6. I adore your hallway!! It is so much brighter and the styling is wonderful. Love the baskets on the wall and the artwork is beautiful. The rug and Sputnik light stole the show for me.

  7. Dang, girl! You really took this hallway from a passage space to a destination! Love how much brighter it is, and of course RUNNER. The art looks great, and I love the details like that cactus candle. I also really enjoyed that peek into your bathroom remodel! <3

  8. Looks great! I love the rug and the little cabinet and OF COURSE that light fixture :)

  9. After seeing your gorgeous hallway, I need to do mine!! It's white floors, white walls, and so boring. lol I love all of the art and can't wait to hear more about individual pieces. Great job.

  10. Corinna! What a gorgeous hallway! That first shot is $$! The rug, your art, that awesome light fixture and your stylish pieces at the end of the hall all look fabulous! And congrats on the new camera - I bet you are going to love it ;) - Rachael

  11. corinna.ah@gmail.comFebruary 9, 2016 at 10:43 AM

    Thanks Rachael! I am definitely enjoying having clear pictures again. I fought with that for too long. I'm glad it helps translates the space better!

  12. corinna.ah@gmail.comFebruary 9, 2016 at 10:45 AM

    Thanks Kathy! Our hallway is such a small space, I'm so glad it's possible to squeeze in some style into it. I hope your hallway decorating goes well and that you have fun doing it!

  13. corinna.ah@gmail.comFebruary 10, 2016 at 7:54 PM

    Thanks Deb! The light fixture is so necessary. It wouldn't of been the same without it!

  14. Looks great! I like how you added natural woven elements and layered all the textures together. I especially love the rug and that simple wall sconce by the cabinet!

  15. corinna.ah@gmail.comFebruary 17, 2016 at 5:25 PM

    Aw, thank you so much Carol! I put a lot of thought into the whole space so I really appreciate it :)


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