Spring Utilities Cost Savings Ideas


Spring is officially here and I am loving the warmer days! As part of my ongoing partnership with Rheem, I'm bringing you these Utility Cost Savings Ideas: Spring Edition. Here are 11 ways to save on your utility bills this Spring:

  1. Harvest rainwater to cut back on water utility consumption

  2. Open the windows when possible to cut back energy use from the furnace and a/c

  3. Continue using cold water for washing clothes

  4. Flip fans back into the setting to pull air down for a cheaper alternative to a/c for cooling rooms

  5. Have your a/c serviced before the summer rush (oftentimes rates go up when demand goes up)

  6. Replace HVAC filter (every 3 months!)

  7. Update older light bulbs with energy efficient versions, Use free sunlight when available

  8. Lower hot water heater temperature (it's warmer now anyways, right?

  9. Plant trees on the east and west side of the house to reduce the sun's rays from heating it up faster

  10. But keep plants trimmed at least feet away from your A/C unit

  11. Replace appliances and units that are underperforming

Utility Cost Friendly Products from Rheem:

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