The evolution of 1 foot of wall space

thrift score thursday12

I'm going to show you the same 1 foot wide sliver of wall 3 different times today. And all of these pictures were taken in the past month. Why? because I just could not decide on what to put here! Only someone who has a problem would worry so much over a small bit of space. I'm sure most people would do nothing or throw up some photos and call it a day. It's been bothering me since day one though.

My first solution was to hang a row of these adorably small baskets you can see to the far right of the picture (never did get a good shot of them-whoops!). I liked them but my husband bumped them often so I pulled them to use elsewhere.

cheery vintage eclectic hallway makeover- refreshed in 3 short weeks

Then I tried this basket because I like the design the weave makes on the bottom. But it wasn't the right shape.

woven basket as wall decor

And thennnnn. This past weekend I was picking through to "wood decor" shelves at my fave thrifting spot and found this pretty piece. It's actually plastic. Poo. But still really pretty and a mere $2 so it came home with me.

decorative thrifted wall decor

And now, I've gone through the Thrift Score Thursday feed and have narrowed my favorites down to 4 to share with you today. The first one I just just had to feature is this collection of mexican painted pottery. What a coincidence after last week, amiright? Mellabobella, if you're selling them- call me! I love them.

These open shelves from Jessica just made me happy. With the state of chaos around me 24/7 at home. It gives me hope when I see a pretty and well styled shelf like this one.

And speaking of well styled, isn't this wooden cubby adorable with all those air plants? I can't keep those things alive to save my life but these ones look so happy. And the elephant is the perfect touch.

And, for my last feature, this gorgeous boho-goodness has me like, "Damnnnn Bee, back at it again with the textiles!" I can't get enough of that vine, nor can I get enough of Bee's gorgeous Etsy shop.

That wraps up the thrift celebration here today. Be sure you visit and give me a follow on Instagram because I do, always, feature my features there as well. @adesignerathome. And the fun doesn't stop here. If you haven't been by to visit them yet, there are 3 other hosts of this fab party and this week we have our friend Ariel joining us as a guest host. So make sure you stop by her blog, too.

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  1. i have so many of the same features and had saved mellabobella's because it was THIS close to being one of mine, too!!!! there were so may awesome boho vibin' things this time around!

  2. Looks like you have a one foot rotating gallery! Hey but nothing wrong with that.
    I love the air plant display too, now I just need to score me a print box and about fifty air plants. Such a great Idea from rus_in_urbe_home !

  3. I am living for that hallway gram. The light fixture! the runner! Yasss! I had a feeling you'd be doing the air plant cub hole.
    Love it!

  4. Oooh, I really like that final vintage piece you scored - maybe painted to hide the fact that it's faux wood? Is it Syroco? I have such a soft spot for their stuff!

  5. Love everything about this hallway! (Drooling over the carpet and light fixture). Too bad about the baskets...they look so good there! But my husband also can't stand hitting his head on things... so I get it.

  6. Thank you so much for the feature!!! I am thrilled!! I really like the last piece you scored. It's the perfect shape for that space!!!


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