My 6 Week Vintage Boho Dining Room Makeover

It's that time of year again.

I've just starting looking at doing some pretty intense changes to our dining room. Actually, right now it's not a dining room. It's the catch all room that I desperately need to address. When we bought the house, it was listed as the "den." We don't need two living spaces and no eating space. Without making this a dining space, we continue playing playdough and eating dining on the couch.
I dream of a vintage filled space with fun patterns, pops of color and boho. Give me all the boho ;) And having it in 6 weeks sounds pretty awesome.


So I'm going to attempt to finish the One Room Challenge again! As a linking participant, I share my post with tons of other bloggers on Calling It Home's blog. Linda is the host of the challenge and that's her blog. It's not a competition, but just like the name suggests, it is a challenge. I'm going to show you a bit of the before and for 6 weeks I'm going to feverishly try to finish all my projects and get the room completed.

Here's the Vintage Eclectic Dining Room moodboard I put together a few weeks ago when this vision was first starting to form:

vintage eclectic dining room mood board

Featured in my mood board: Hairpin Bench,  Chairs, Shades, Tapestry, China Cabinet from Retro Therapy Rehab, Dresser, Rug, Light, Bar Cart, Boho Chair

And here's what I'm starting with:


The part of the room you can't see? Assume it looks like a tornado ripped a bunch of junk about. Just, trust me.

If I'm not posting here a whole lot in the next month, it's because I'm knee deep in a million projects at once. But if it all turns out as I see it in my head, it'll be worth it. Because look at this inspiration space. Yeah, I want those walls.

See more dining rooms I'm inspired by here

And I'm going to resize a fireplace mantle and surround. Yup. If you want to see how that goes, you can sign up for my RSS feed, where you'll receive 1 email every morning there's a new post posted. Wish me luck!


  1. oh i can't wait to see what you do, corinna! it will be amazing!

  2. I'm joining the fun too, cant' wait to see how it turns out. Lots of work ahead of us!

  3. oh, wow--those walls in the inspiration pic are amazing! Can't wait to see it all come together!

  4. I looooove Gloria Joy's dining wallpaper! Such a good inspo shot. So excited to follow along and see what you do!

  5. That inspiration images is amazing. Can't wait!

  6. that inspiration looks ammmmazzzing! good luck with the transformation!

  7. Loving the boho inspiration board and that amazing light fixture! Can't wait to see how it comes together :)

  8. This is going to be good! I love a nice peacock chair in a dinning room

  9. I'm loving that moodboard and where you're going with this room! Can't wait!!!


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