Playful, Colorful, Feminine Art for The Home

In my quest for artwork for my dining room, I started to notice a pattern in the pieces I was most drawn to. They're playful, colorful and feminine. Which mostly sums up how I enjoy decorated spaces in general. Other than simply sharing a shot of the piece in particular I'm loving, or even just a couple of the ones I've been coveting, I thought a fun spin on things would be to share with you the specific artists behind the art I'm loving. Because those guys and gals are the real MVP's of some room makeovers. And I'll include a little sampling of each artist, just in case you're in the market for art yourself.

10 artists whose art youll want to add to your walls now

Kiana Mosley (Read About The Artist)

From pretty florals to abstract and lots of energy, she offers variety in the Art prints available. I really enjoy the bright bursts of color in the floral pieces.


Alexandra Dzh (Read About The Artist)

Bright and vibrant flowers, foliage and fruit are what you can enjoy from this artist.


Angela Thompson (Read About The Artist)

Fresh and Modern, i.e. totally hipster. I love the fun youthful vibe Angela's  pieces have.


Stephanie Ryan (Read About The Artist)

Really pretty, delicate and feminine florals. If you're dealing with a space leaning too masculine, these prints will bring in the girly in a fun way (or you could add a dose of lace and doilies- your choice ;))


Wilder California (Read About The Artist)

A pretty popular one with design bloggers, and it's not surprising why. Plants and swanky cool filters make these photographs worthy of gracing many walls.


Betty Hatchett (Read About The Artist)

Betty is an artist whose worked I've gravitated towards before. Her Healer print lives in my bedroom. She does an array of different styles though, and I think she has something that would suit many different people.


Natalie Malan (Read About The Artist)

A classic and timeless, yet still ultra trendy floral is Natalie's specialty with her fine art prints. Similar designs are constantly gracing the face of planners and notebooks. And they can have a special spot in our decor, too!


Kelsey McNatt (Read About The Artist)

Whimsy and fun are the first thoughts that come to mind when browsing Kelsey's shop. Any shop with a flamingo is a winner in my book.


Cass Loh (Read About The Artist)

Cass's pieces are full of fun. I'm not normally a typography kind of person, but c'mon- that's hilarious. And how jungalicious is that forest print?


Kelly Ventura (Read About The Artist)

With a lot of abstract pieces to browse through, my brain starts to feel like I'm looking at inkblot cards- in a good way! I love the way the mind can wander in a piece like that. And then there's the doses of botanical inspired pieces, which are always good.


Do you have any favorite artists? Or a style you go back to time and time again? I tend to be all over the place but I definitely found my pattern when brainstorming for our dining room design. Whether it be fun, youthful, whimsical or serious, art is such a fun way to play with the mood of a space.

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10 Artists whose work- painting and photography are so good you'll want to put them on your walls right now


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