Bell Garland Fireplace Screen

Colorful bohemian gypsy eclectic fireplace in dining room

Hey, hello!

There's a monthly challenge that my friend Jess from Domicile 37 hosts every month that invites your favorite bloggers to create a project inspired by the months themed retailer or designer. This month's themed shop is Urban Outfitters.

Always on top of current decor trends, urban outfitters is a place with really cool pieces- most of which are within the average bears reasonable budget.

But reasonable enough budget isn't always my and your reality so we're going to get creative, okay?

Before I share what I created, let's get into a little "why?"

If you're new here, you may not have seen my recent faux fireplace project for my dining room. It's teal and fun and my dreams come true. It's a focal point in my dining room aservice a fireplace (even faux) should be. But the space below the fireplace has been bugging me.

I don't have the budget right now to do anything tile related like I'd like to do. And I don't care for the chalkboard inserts, they're really cool for the right space but this isn't the vibe or look for mine. Plus I just did a ton of work doing a wainscoting look in here so I'm wanting to keep that partially visible for a bit (yeah I can see it elsewhere in the room but still). So I really settled on a screen type feature.

I had found this one on Offer Up. It's like Craigslist in app form if you're not familiar. But it sold before I could pick it up.

Bell fireplace screen

I really liked the bells and the slight nod to oriental decor that I love. When perusing Urban Outfitters for inspiration, I found the Magical Thinking Klara Hanging Wall Decor, I thought, "Hey, this has bells and has a cool shape. I like it." And then I thought about it a bit more and decided it would make the perfect simple project to adjust a bit for my preferred location.

So I picked up 2 dozen adorable 2 inch tall bells, found a skein of black embroidery floss, grabbed 2 tacks and a pair of scissors and I was ready to create.

Teal fireplace with hanging bells for faux fireplace screen

Decorating with peacock influence and attempting to add old house charm to a basic brick ranch

DIY home decorating adding missing character like teal fireplace, wainscoting and bell charm

You'll notice I didn't use 2 dozen bells here. And that's because I also recreated the bell garland chime from Urban Outfitters. If you want to see how that turned out, I'm also sharing my front porch alternative and some curb appeal updates today. The bell garland makes an appearance there. :)

I hope the idea of using popular retailers gives you some inspiration to take inspiration from their merchandise to create decor for your own home. Creating is therapeutic so it's sure to be a lot of fun. Please also visit my friends who have shared their own inspired by creations today. Thanks so much for stopping by!


  1. I love it Corinna! It's the perfect addition to the fireplace and oh so you!

  2. So Cute, I think at my house we might even get some tinkling of the bells because my cat would love it. Okay maybe he would love it too much, might need to be hung a little higher...

  3. What a great way to reuse those bells! I like how yo displayed them on your faux fireplace. So stunning.

  4. Love the bells with your blue fireplace! I'm all for adding gold to your space and bonus if it makes a pretty sound.

  5. This is so darling! Perfect for mantel decor. I want to hang something on my decorative faux mantel now!


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