Cheap way to cover a chainlink fence

Welcome back to our third check in on our curb appeal project. One thing I really enjoy and struggle with in these types of projects are blending what I like, with budget, with what's socially acceptable for the neighborhood. Most of us are well aware that pallet projects have been around, have hit their prime and are basically common knowledge. So today, I present to you just one more way to utilize those pallets.

This may not work for every neighborhood. But for my neighborhood, it's a bit eclectic and by the beach. You know how creative and repurposeful those beachy folk get.

pallet fence with planter pots

The Cheap Way To Cover A Chain Link Fence

If you've got some visible chainlink fence that you want to liven up a bit and that you want to make a little more private, pallets can be a really cute, kitschy and inexpensive way of doing this.

Paint your pallet your preferred color.

Pose the pallet against the fence and straighten. Use heavy duty zip ties to secure it to the fence. You must use a heavy duty zip tie that is made for outdoor use.

Once secure, drill through plastic planter pots into the pallet for a pretty plant filled fence. Colorful, practical and cheap!

painted pallet for fencing project

heavy duty zip ties hold pallet to chain link fence

screw through plastic planter pot into pallet wood

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The cheapest way to hide a lessen the eyesore of a chain link fence and add a bit of privacy to your yard

Love pallet projects? How about one on wheels! A pallet fence on the go? Yes...

tutorial for pallet planter on wheels for mobility, move from front yard to the back!


  1. It looks great! Lucky you to leave near the beach! Jealous :)

  2. Very cute! I love how your pallet project turned out. Fun project!

  3. Great idea and so many uses for this!
    Have a great week, Jenny

  4. What a great way to use a pallet! I bet it looks so pretty once the flowers grow in! Great job!

  5. Looks great! I had no idea you lived near the beach, how awesome!

  6. I am in love with this project! Its so beachy and its genius idea to hide those electrical outlets. All your projects are so different. Your great!

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