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Hey there, hello! For today's Thrift Score Thursday, I want to chat with you a little bit about windchimes. How they're kinda expensive and it's hard to find really boho ones. Really, all wind chimes are perfect for boho (and most are fab for feng shui), but I really love the styles and textiles of Asia, the Middle East and India (I'm terrible at geography, so I may be mis-mentioning those).

I'm working on bring better positive vibes in my house. I've always been interested in feng shui and I try to practice and implement things as necessary. So I did a bit of research on how I can use windchimes to help bring those positive vibes in. I came across Red Lotus Letter and found lots of helpful guidelines for doing that. If you kinda dig feng shui and/or are interested in how windchimes can be used, here's the windchimes and feng shui article.

I don't need to increase water or earth elements in my spaces because I live so close to the ocean and I use a lot of wood. So my material of choice was metal. I have one of them hanging on a south wall, which is meant to bring fame and recognition (blog famous? nahhhh...), it's not necessarily where I need the extra boost in life but I am excited about the positive boost in the space we spend the most time in. Metal WIndchime for front yard positive vibes feng shui

Moroccan inspired lantern and indian elephant windchime for good feng shui

The other chime is hanging on our front porch to help shield the front door from negative energies and make entering the home a positive experience. Feng shui stuff is kinda cool ;)

And now that I've likely bored you to death with feng shui talk, let's peruse the feed! (don't forget to give me a follow while you're there @adesignerathome)

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  1. i have never seen chimes like that! i love love love them!!! we had chimes but we live on the top of a windy hill so they were more of a nuisance at times. but if they looked like yours maybe i'd have kept them! and that asian sun hat is amazing.

  2. Love the wind chimes, they look very Moroccan, perfect for your house! Love that brass box too, I think someone scored a pair last week too. I want to score one!

  3. OMG, those wind chimes are amazing! I love the big triangular one SO MUCH! And I love the peaceful, random music of wind chimes too - I always find them so relaxing!

  4. I'm still searching for my own brass trunk. Only found one once and it was gone in seconds. I was too slow.


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