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A white and blue bathroom with global influence and bohemian style

I have a random post for you today. I haven't talked about our bathroom remodel in forever. There were still so many things I wanted to chat about the last time we left off on the space so I'm going to just dive into those topics these next couple of weeks while I'm in between other projects. Today, let's start with the Recessed Shower Shelf.

The Backstory Of The Built In Recessed Shower Shelf

It was really important for me that we jam pack this bathroom full of more storage than we could ever possibly need. I'm a recovering product hoarder. At least, I'm on the tail end of recovery. I still have more than 1 set of every personal care item, but it's better than it used to be. I digress. I wanted to make sure there was room for extras should I want to take the linen closet to use as something else or if I buy a larger bulk package than usual, it would easily fit in the logical storage space (mine end up in the garage a lot :/)

So one of the many solutions I'll have to share with you if the recessed shower shelf. In the design for the space, I requested our contractor make room for a built in shelf in the wall between the toilet and tub. He pointed out that we'd get a much deeper shelf if we went into the wall on the side of the tub. It's a thicker wall separating the bathroom from the kitchen pantry.


So we went with the right side of the wall to keep it out of the spray path of the shower head. He surprised me and told us that he'd be able to make it approximately 32 inches wide because he could take out one of the studs since it isn't a load bearing wall. And just because I'm a little extra sometimes, I went with 2 shelves. The taller shelf is good for shampoo bottles. The bottom shelf is good for bars of soap and razors.

Moroccan inspired bathroom shower tile

About The Grout:

I think in the near future I'm going to change the grey grout color. There's some imperfections in the Jeffrey Court tile placement and the darker color grout amplifies them. I'm thinking either the same blue grout as the shelf, White/very light grey or a matching tan grout as the brown in the tile. I imagine the tan would be just as bad as the grey at showing imperfections with the placement of tile. And I did really enjoy working with the Glamour grout from STAINMASTER. It was so easy to use that even it may justify removing all the existing grout. If I went white I could probably just use a grout colorant. And another worry is that it may then make the color in the alcove look out of place :/

About The Tile:

The main tile for the surround is the Jeffrey Court Marrakech tile. I freaking love this tile. It's white to keep things airy, but the shape is the strong nod to moroccan that I wanted for the space. Unfortunately my contractor said that this tile would be very difficult to use in the alcove. So  I chose to use Archivo Fleur De Lis from Merola Tile. I absolutely love this tile. But because of a mix up with my contractor, we only had enough blue grout left to do the shelf. And I don't think it looks good because the grey grout clashes with the brown in these tiles. The brown is much more intense than what it looks like in the picture online and it wasn't available in store.

Earth, animal and skin friendly bath products


Despite that, I have really loved this decision. It's been functioning wonderfully for us. I like that my child can't waste my products when I'm not looking, I like not having gross tub corners when I go to take a bath, I like looking at it, I like being able to space out my products.

Anyways, the recessed shelf has been wonderful to have and look at. I really enjoy the tile we chose and the decision to go big has been so helpful. I wish I had been able to see some of it get put together so I could give you an idea of the process, but I was working a lot at the job I recently quit at the time. I think it's also unique that we did it in the side wall. At the time when I was looking up ideas for the bathroom, all the alcoves were in the wall with the plumbing of the wall at the other end of the tub. So here's another idea for you if it's something you've considered!

Global inspired bohemian bathroom white tile copper border

Bohemian bathroom inspiration. White tike, blue, green, copper and bronze. Moroccan inspired tile floor to ceiling.

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