How Not To Paint A Bathroom Vanity

Hey guys. Yes, you read that right. I'm here to admit another failure in my decorating adventures. Well, not a total failure but it didn't turn out the way I'd imagined when I started painting my bathroom vanity. Painting furniture is not the easy task that the internet can sometimes make it seem. There's a lot of patience and elbow grease that goes into painting a bathroom vanity just like any other piece. Even after reading several how to paint furniture tutorials, I still made errors and I hope they'll help you if you try to do this yourself.

peek of the bathroom and little details of the hallway

When shopping last fall for a bathroom vanity, the color didn't matter because I knew from the beginning that I wanted it a color I couldn't buy outright. The folks over at HOMERIGHT provided me with their paint sprayer after meeting them at Haven Conference last year. And I just knew I was going to use it to paint whichever vanity I found for cheap.

I ended finding a vanity, it wasn't cheap and it wasn't solid wood. *smacks forehead* But it seemed perfect for me at the time. The weather was starting to cool and all I wanted was to get the thing painted fast so we could get it in.


Mistake #1

Don't rush to paint anything. Seriously. Just don't do it. I now have a ton of clean up on the inside of the cabinet because I didn't take the preliminary steps to protect surfaces and remove doors, etc.

Mistake #2

I wasn't 100% confident in my pre sanding abilities so I wanted to give it the best possible chance against chipping. On top of using Kilz primer, I also thought it'd be a good idea to seal with polycrylic. I used it in the paint sprayer and because of my impatience, I hadn't been cleaning the nozzle very well so it was clogged and I wanted it sealed in 1 coat. The next day the entire piece was coated with drips.

So I had to go back in and sand back breakingly hard anyways.

Mistake #3

This was not a good time to go form over function. I should have bought a wood piece point blank. I'm now having to play surgery on the bottoms of the side panels where the cheap particleboard started to break up.
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3 mistakes i made painting my bathroom vanity

At the end of the day, I'm still really excited with the piece that I have in my bathroom. I wouldn't go back to a plain colored vanity any time soon. I just love the substance it gives the space. I would absolutely do everything to get the end product differently if I ever undertake this kind of thing again.

I have used my brand provided HOMERIGHT products for lots of projects at this point and I've loved them. I do think it pays to learn a hard lesson of impatience with practice pieces. I do have a good success story coming soon with these pieces so stay tuned for that.

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bohemian bathroom decorating and renovation: blue vanity and wicker cabinet

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