Bathroom Color Scheme

As I'm wrapping up the last few details of the bathroom remodel, I wanted to pop in and share with you an abstract view of the color scheme for the bathroom. Do you ever scroll pinterest and see those images where they've extracted colors from the image to make a color scheme? I wanted to do something similar to that. Just in case you like the overall look and feel of the space but aren't actually looking to translate the ideas to a bathroom, I think this will help.

Vanity Paint Color: Teal Motif MQ6-35

Floor Tile: GBI Tile Madeira Oak

Rug: Persian Runner

Tile: Archivo Fleur De Lis from Merola

So, how would I translate this to any other room?
First, go to your local nursery and pick up a couple of pothos. They truly are my favorite plant and I highly recommend them for anyone wanting to get into plants.

Then you've got options. You could tile the space if it makes sense in the same or a similar tile. If you have wood, you can strip it and stain it a similar stain. On a budget or renting? Skip worrying about the floor and go with a huge jute rug.

A big key element of the space is the rug. With the deep blue and dark red, it adds depth and sophistication. The red ties into the copper accents in the space, too. Which helps bring the space together. My favorite resource for vintage rugs like these is ecarpetgallery on either their website or eBay.

The patterned tile is great for accents. Like a fireplace, a feature above an oven, backsplash, etc. But if you're working in a space that doesn't need tile, pick up a fleur de lis fabric and upholster a chair, seat cushion or ottoman. Or a stencil and stencil a wall or piece of furniture (heck, even the floor or ceiling).

The mixture of rich blues with patterns are key to the overall vibe of the space. The neutrals for the space are white, cool grey and cool brown. The pops are teal and red. The accents are light blue and a natural wood tone. And the metals for the space are oil rubbed bronze and copper. With so many strong patterns and colors, the lace curtains are a nice grounding feminine element.

As always, I hope this helps you design a space you love. If you have any specific questions, please feel welcome to leave them in the comments and I'll try my best. Also, let me know what room under $1,000 you want to see next!

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