Global Bohemian Bedroom Inspiration

We're officially over with the 4 weeks to a global home but I wanted to take the inspiration a step further and create a few fun mood boards based around my favorite decorating theme: global bohemian. Today I want to share a mood board created from scratch for the bedroom. My bedroom has evolved into a space I wouldn't plan outright. I love the room we have, but it's still fun to flex creativity and give those of you who come here for boho inspiration more ideas.


Rug $149 | End Table $60 | Headboard $249 | Lantern $79 | Coverlet $149 | Blue Pillow $18 | Oversized Kilim Pillow I $89 | Oversized Kilim Pillow I $89

The design does not include provisions for a dresser, so if you really do need to pare everything down into the $1000, I would suggest skipping the custom mixture of pillows and coverlet and going with a set like this one from Target. You could also skip the headboard and use something simpler and hang a pretty, and inexpensive tapestry. Thrifting is everyone's BFF, so make sure to utilize that as a resource, too.

I hope you've enjoyed this free bohemian inspired design. If you enjoyed it, please consider giving it a share so that others may benefit from it too.

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