How I Decorate My Cube Organizer

This past week I've literally flipped my living room upside down. Kidding! Of course. But I have completely rearranged and reworked the space. And I friggin' love it! The whole two zone thing is perfect for our long living room. Let's dive into this week's Thrift Score Thursday.

The sofa and my son's cube organizer are what separates the spaces. Let's see how I've decorated the dual purpose toy storage/sofa table piece!

On the right, I have the perfume tray that belonged to my great grandmother. Inside it my thrifted basket planter as well as a few decorative pieces rest.

And then beside that, I have the planter I thrifted at Goodwill and the plant that came free with a Craigslist purchase. Within the stacks of books, there are several thrifted ones! Do-It-Yourself, Victorian dream homes, how to hang loose in an uptight world, and macrame are the thrifted books here. And the glass with the green and gold detail is also thrifted.


Wanna Play? Here’s The Rules!

  • We want you to participate! Hit up your local thrift stores, craigslist, yard sales, estate sales, side of the road, anything! Thrifty doesn’t necessarily mean from a thrift store. We want to see your good deals, wacky finds and treasures.
  • Don’t feel like you need to save those finds for Thursdays! Yes, features are shared on our blogs and Instagram on Thursdays, but we’re all checking in on (and using!) the hashtag all week long. So, when you see/find it, feel free to share it!
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The best part? There are 4 regular posts to check out every Thursday! Yup, you’ve got more thrift scores to look at. I know you’re not disappointed. Ha. Click on my beautiful cohost’s faces below to check out what they’ve scored and featured.


  1. i always love seeing what kara is up to as well as the bohemian flea market! that pink desk is awesome but the whole space is truly!
    your photos aren't showing up for me?

  2. Love that Goodwill Planter ours never has good planters. Those wood carving from TheBohemainFleamarket are pretty great too. Guess I'm feeling the wood grains this morning!

  3. I agree with Maggie, those wood carvings stole my heart

  4. I LOVE that wooden bowl planter - so good! And Kara's space is so fabulous - I knew you would feature it!


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