Utility Closet Organization Ideas

Creating pretty spaces through decorating is a lot of fun and rewarding. But it's oftentimes the spaces we don't hang out in, or the spaces guests don't see that get neglected. It's so important to give these spaces attention because they affect how we live in our home. The utility closet is no different. If you use this space to store anything, using some simple organization will make the space less frustrating and easier to use.

I just recently took on giving my own utility closet a bit of a facelift. I had a few different priorities for the space.
  • Function better
  • Fit in vacuum and carpet cleaner
  • Purge Cleaners
  • Utilize Wall Space

Here are a few solutions I came up with:

Take Advantage Of Vertical Space

I went through my leftover lumber pile and cut down enough pieces to fill in space for a good deep shelf. This way I could still sort and store all the smaller things this space holds while still having the ease of simply rolling the vacuum and carpet cleaner in and out of the small closet.

Space Maximizing Shelf Organizers

I went a tad higher with the shelf than I really needed to because I didn't want things to feel tight in here and because I wanted to be able to use various shelf organizers to maximize space. One of the main things we pop into this closet for are batteries, so now they can be front and center. This minimizes disruptions for the other storage bins and helps keep things orderly.

Hooks On Walls For Slim Items

Now that I had better access to the walls, I used hooks and pushpins to hang various items along the walls. The dustpan, power drill battery charger, and screwdriver holders all went on the walls. Fewer things on the shelves = fewer things to pile up.

Utilize Inexpensive Plastic Bins

My bins are from the dollar store. You can go as simple or as complex as what you know will make best sense for your space. For mine? I needed a bin or cords/powerstrips/cable line, light bulbs, tools, loose screws/nails/etc and packs of command hooks/screws/hanging hardware. I grab the bin I need from the stack and just place it back in the stack when I'm finished going through it.

Easy, Inexpensive and a system that's totally working for me. I'm glad I took the time to give this space a bit of attention because the less stress I experience actually living in my home, the more I can enjoy it. Which is why I'd totally encourage you to take a bit of time to purge and organize a closet sooner than later!

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