Floral Marquee Peace Sign - Peace, Love and DIY

I just absolutely love wooden cut outs at the craft stores. I've spent lots of time on that aisle looking over everything dreaming of possibilities. One I'd never even noticed until recently is the charming peace sign cut out. We sure could use an extra reminder to bring peace into our lives which is why I adore this little challenge: Peace, Love and DIY. In my post I'll be sharing with you how I turned my Peace craftwood cut out into a Floral Light Up Marquee Peace Sign.
Here's the gist of the challenge: The four of us each picked up a craftwood peace sign cut out from the craft store. Then the rest was up to our own imaginations!
I'm still not entirely over cute marquee signs. And I hadn't had the chance to try my hand at creating one yet, so this felt like my opportunity.
Supply List:

Peace Sign

Stand of 10 count lights

Faux Floral

Hot glue & gun

Drill with bit to fit lights

How I Created A Floral Marquee Peace Sign

The possibilities are endless with these blank wooden cut outs. Here are 3 more ideas to get your creative juices flowing and hopefully you'll be inspired to create your own version!

From Cassie Bustamante

From Ciburbanity:

From Little Vintage Cottage:

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  1. this is just so fun! i love your idea and love the flowers you used! so pretty!

  2. Super cute! The flowers are an amazing touch! Well, played! :)

  3. Looks so pretty, I love it all lit up, I bet it looks beautiful at night!!



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