10 Places to Infuse Your Style in a Bathroom

Renovation, redesigning, and redecorating the only bathroom in our home has taught me so much about what options I have in all those areas, as well as what I do and don't like in a space that's mine. Since adding personal style to a bathroom can be daunting in any budget. You may ask yourself questions like, "What are my options?" "Where should I start?" "What can I do and what can I buy?"

Never fear! Here are:

The 10 places I've found where you can infuse your style in your bathroom:

Wall Treatments

Your options are only as limited as your imagination with the things you can do to your bathroom walls. Shiplap, wallpaper, paint colors and stencils. There are products that make all of these options safe for bathroom use.


Looking beyond the walls, paint can make a cool impact in a bathroom in other ways, too. From spray painting accessories to painting a bathroom vanity, choose a color in a hue that expresses the vibe you want for the space.


While the line between "your style" and "good for resale" can be a thin and heartbreaking line to tread, it's still a really great place to look into infusing your style into a space. Even the classic subway tile comes in a few variations that can add just enough interest to be more than basic.

Shower Curtain

Don't be afraid to look beyond traditional shower curtains. Washable materials in a well ventilated space can be perfect for bringing the unique look your space deserves. From lace curtain panels to vintage fabric you've retrofitted, the shower curtain is one space you can make big, inexpensive impact.


Lighting, faucets, curtain rods, towel bars and toilet paper holders are available in so many finishes and styles nowadays. We chose to go with old world bronze fixtures from Moen in our bathroom to fit in line with the mediterranean vibes I wanted to infuse in the space. And sconces in an oil rubbed bronze with seeded glass from Lamps Plus. Whether you want cozy, vintage, spa-like or farmhouse, look into all the available options. While it may not be the cheapest change you can make, upgrading the fixtures changes the whole experience of the space.


Get out of the "bath specific" mirror section and explore the styles of mirrors available in the home decor sections and online. Keep measurements on hand so you can be sure the proportion is right. If you don't need, need, need a medicine cabinet, don't go for the boring style of mirrors displayed for bathroom use. There are interesting shaped mirrors and mirrors with frames that will better suit your space. Working with what you've got and what you've got is one of the large slabs on mirror on the wall? Don't fret! You're in luck. The internet has so many DIY frame solutions for those mirrors you'll wish you were mirror shopping instead ;-)


From fringe to embellishments to patterns and color, let your towels stand out or blend into the rest of the space. If you're going for a calmer space, basic fluffy white or muted color towels can be the perfect touch. When going with a globally inspired space, look for patterns or styles that incorporate elements from the culture you're emulating (or support small artisans by buying towels made by fair trade artisans in those places). Love eclectic and/or colorful spaces? Let the towels add a punch of interest to the space.


Traditional bath rugs from the big box stores are out. Don't use them. Check out retailers that sell merchandise in the style you gravitate towards and see what they offer. Or go with smaller area rugs. As long as your bathroom is well ventilated and you don't get the rug unnecessarily soaked, area rugs work well in this space like they do anywhere else in the home.


Yes, you totally should add art to your bathroom. Treat this space like any other space in your home. Thing about all the layers you can add. And how much art makes sense for the style you're after. You can go with inexpensive prints from Etsy or custom framed art prints from minted. Either way, you'll find an endless supply of options to enhance the design of the space.


Baskets, acrylic containers, wire baskets, wooden containers, metal bowls, toothbrush holders in every style, towel bars and makeshift towel storage, cabinets, shelves. And then the placements of all these things! If you've got to work with what you've got and can't budget much money to adding "you" to the bathroom, the way you store your things is definitely the route to go. Look at bathrooms decorated the way you want your decorated and look at how the things are stored and displayed.

As always, I hope you've found this post helpful and interesting. Let's discuss! What are the ways you've added your style to your bathroom? Or tell me some things you've seen done to a bathroom that you loved. If you have any questions, don't be afraid to ask!

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