The New Year New Room Refresh Challenge Week 2 Update

Welcome back to the second week of the New  Year New Room Fresh Challenge where I am making over the unused addition on the back of the house into a plant filled eclectic dining room. Last week I'd said I wanted to have the wallpaper put up by this first check in. And... it didn't happen. I guess to give myself credit, I did pick up some slack off the other weeks. Let me share with you the progress I have made on the space.
Friday evening I started to exhibit the signs of a friendly stomach bug. Yeah... All the time I'd thought I'd be dedicating to wallpapering turned into recovery time. But I am better and I'm ready to get this task done!

Progress on My Global Boho Dining Room Refresh

The wallpaper I'm using for the space is Descano provided by Wallpaper Boulevard. If you've been here for a while, you may vaguely remember my trying to narrow down what wallpaper pattern I wanted in this space. Yes, this same space. Haha.

Instead of putting up the wallpaper, I found myself collecting accessories from about the house. And I picked up a few treasures from Amazon and Cost Plus World Market.

I plan on using these really reflective and boho mandala tapestries I bought through Amazon as the curtains in this space. I really don't need curtains, but I feel like they add a layer of coziness to a space that is unmatched with any other decorating. Plus, since I don't have a lot of wall space in the room to put up art on, the curtains act as a that element in the space.

From World Market, I picked up some picture frames, a lamp, a pouf, a pillow (that may already have found a home elsewhere in the house- oops), a lantern and some hanging decor.

And the main three pieces that are really pulling the color scheme of this space together is the Idalia print by Juniper Briggs, the pink and green Ghanaian handmade basket I picked up at the Virginia coastal home and Garden show, and the ceramic bowl I thrifted... some measure of time that's a while ago but I can't remember specifically.

The chairs you're getting a peek of are from LampsPlus. I love that they're upholstered yet still very in vibe with the mid-century feel I wanted some of the pieces in the room to have.

Am I on schedule? Ehhhhh.... I'll know better next week.

In between updates, I did share a collection of lights that are perfect over a dining table in a bohemian style space. If you missed that:

If you don't already know and are just jumping into things, this progress is part of the New Year New Room Refresh Challenge. Hosted by Stephanie of Casa Watkins Living, the challenge has a group of bloggers/stylist refresh a space within 4 weeks. The other participants are links here:

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 And a thank you to the sponsoring companies of this annual challenge:

Cost Plus World Market | Lamps Plus | Wallpaper Boulevard | Velvet Finishes by Kellie Smith | Rugs USA | WallsNeedLove


  1. That wallpaper!!!!! Love the design and crushing on the curtains so badly!!! Can't wait for this reveal!

  2. Oh gosh, the stomach bug is the worst! I'm glad you're feeling bed friend. I can't wait to see that wallpaper up on the walls!

  3. Absolutely drooling over those chairs!! Gah, those are so perfect.

  4. Those chairs are awesome! Glad you're feeling better too :)

  5. The wallpaper is beautiful and very much you--excited to see it on the walls!

  6. So many great pieces and that wallpaper is perfect for you!! It's similar to the one I'm putting up in the kitchen. ;)

  7. Sorry to hear you were hit with the bug, but glad you are feeling better and back on track now! Can't wait to see your progress next week!

  8. that wallpaper is really pretty and would look AMAZING in your space. I also like the curtains, it is really pretty. Those chairs add a nice flair to the space and would complement all the natural elements nicely. I cannot wait to see how the wallpaper looks!

  9. Those tapestries are AMAZING! Wish I had somewhere to put one in my apartment.

  10. I'm dying to see this wallpaper up! Loving look and feel of the space so far with the elements you shared! And I totally agree, that curtains just add that "something factor" to a room that other accessories aren't able to.


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