$100 Room Makeover Challenge

Well, hello there! It's the first check in for the $100 room makeover challenge. Taking on a budget design for any space can be a challenge. Especially considering a gallon of paint generally starts in the mid $20 range. It's an exercise in creativity. Finding ways of working with what you've already got on hand and getting thrifty with your choices and purchases. So far I've made little progress.

I started by clearing the hallway out. There's a lot of little holes I've had to patch and I'm still not settled on a paint color. One project I'd planned on taking on utilized some wood I've got on hand from shelves I used to have in my living room to make a console table. But I need an additional piece of lumber to stabilize it. That'll be a project for next weekend.

The other thing I need to get on with is making a concrete decision on what I'm going to do with the lighting. Originally I figured I'd just buy a second light like the one I currently have in the space and I'd wire a plug with switch to make it plugin. But it's not the style lamp I love. I'd really love to find a way to make the Jassa lampshade from IKEA work with the budget.


It's more my style than the schoolhouse style lights.

I think I could make that work though.

Additional Lumber for console table $8

2 Jassa Shades $60

Gallon Of Paint $25

Hemma cord with switch $7

That'd essentially put me right at my $100 mark. What do you think? Any suggestions for equally interesting shades but cheaper? Please help your girl!

I have plenty of wall decor to put back on the walls. It'd suck to continue using the old door knobs but pick and choose those battles, right? Let me know if you're taking on a room redesign right now, too. I'd love to hear your sources for making it happen on budget.


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