Epic Etsy Find: Encapsulated Flower Crystals

The next discovery in my "Epic Etsy Finds & The Shops Behind Them" series is a a wonderfully whimsical one. Handmade encapsulated tumbled crystals and dried flowers are set in a resin mold shaped like various sized crystals. They're lightweight and curiously interesting to look at. Love by my friends and family so far, it's always an item that draws the fingers. Though not actual crystals themselves, there still seems to be an energy within them that radiates an energy that everyone must feel. Solaras Garden is where you can find these "crystals."

Do you find yourself drawn to elements of the earth? Drawn to the sea, rocks, crystals and fresh breeze? You probably have your own crystals, precious stones, plants and carved wood decor about your home. You may find yourself having hippie, gypsy or bohemian tendencies. If you do, you're probably always on the look for unique decor. Handmade or found items that speak their own unique tale within your own life's story.

Shanna has an array of crystals available in her shop. Filled with dried flowers, seahorses and more, they can be bought in singles or sets.

She sent me a set of three (with no obligation to write a blog post I'll add). So far I've enjoyed displaying them together the most. I have a thing about sets and displaying things in threes so this is working best for me. I currently have them displayed on shelves I put up above the toilet in my bathroom. I encourage lingering no matter what the room in my home. A sensory experience is what I lust after and these have been the perfectly interesting piece.

[caption id="attachment_5859" align="alignnone" width="700"]17493847_1087970161308139_6637155710041849856_n Train Flushing Signage | Train Flushing Signage | Similar Wall Baskets | Similar Brass Trunk[/caption]


As with everything unique and peculiar, you just have to check them out. You can visit her shop here, but I'll share a few of my favorites below if you just want a quick glance. I hope you've enjoyed this find within the series!

encapsulated resin point crystal

resin point encapsulated crystal

encapsulated seahorse point crystal

What are your favorites? That pink larkspur sure does make my heart go pitter patter. Do you bring a little whimsy into your decor? In what ways do you do that? You have to let me in on your ways ;)

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