Modern Succulent Wall Planter

Plants are in the limelight this year. Thanks to influencers embracing and promoting the plant collecting lifestyle, we are seeing more and more products available for housing our plants. I've admired vintage wall mounted brass planters but there are planters in other styles showing up too! The Apollo Box reached out to see if I'd be willing to try out one of their circular wall planters in exchange for my thoughts and I was intrigued. If you are, too- keep reading!
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First off, I'll introduce The Apollo Box. It's a "things" shopping site. Categories range from Apparel to home decor to gifts to tech, drink ware and more. When you first hop on the site, you'll see best sellers and new arrivals. This gives you a pretty good idea of the "things" you can expect to find on the whole site. In the menu you can choose to browse by more specific categories. Yanked straight from their about page, you can find "unique, fun, and creative products."

Now that you're familiar with where the product came from, let's chat about the actual product. It came packaged well with easy to follow instructions and all the hardware needed to get it up on the wall. I used a power drill to drill out holes for the anchors and a hammer to lightly tap those in. Then used the power drill again to put the screws in through the pack piece. Then the glass slips in with metal tabs you'll press into place to hold it still.

Boho Wall Decor- Modern Wall Planter Frame @adesignerathome

I found putting a plant in it to be a little cumbersome. The glass is higher than the backing of the frame. So you should be careful how high you lay the dirt so it's not resting on your bare wall. This isn't a surprise though. When you check out the product page, that's clear in the pictures. Because it's so small, getting everything in was tricky but not difficult. I wouldn't say that would deter me from ever using others or from continuing to use this one.

I put my dirt and succulents in and then I gave it a bit of water and the water dripped out the bottom of the glass some. There's no seal between the glass and the dirt so that's not exactly shocking. That's why I chose to put succulents in instead of something that would need moist-er soil because I guessed that would happen. Wiped up easy with a small hand towel. No worries.

Of course, faux plants are getting more and more realistic. You could avoid soil and water by using sand or rocks with faux. Just another route to go!


Boho Wall Decor- Modern Wall Planter Frame @adesignerathome Boho Wall Decor- Modern Wall Planter Frame @adesignerathome Boho Wall Decor- Modern Wall Planter Frame @adesignerathome

I find the circular shape to be a fun modern accent for any space. Modern spaces would naturally benefit from these but with my boho style, it fit right in. I like how it mixes with the textiles, colors and texture elsewhere in this corner of the living room. It also comes in yellow, black and red. Because my fingers are crossed I'll be painting walls soon, I felt like white would forever be the most neutral.

My final thoughts? Cute and easy to use!

What do you think? Would you mix in a couple with your macrame and woven planters? Do tell boho babes!


wallblack1 wallred1 wallyello1

Intrigued? Shop through this link: Wall Planter from The Apollo Box and I'll receive affiliate commission. It's a way of referring people to products they may be interested in while covering the background costs of keeping this site running. If you're not comfortable giving me credit for bringing this site to your attention, you can just google them.

*I should also mention- they are on Ebates! So any purchase you make, you'll also get cash back from the sale.


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