Vegan and Eco Friendly Sunscreen

There are a lot of helpful lists for finding products that are cruelty free. And others that are helpful in determining the environmental impact the product has on us and the planet. One of my favorite sources is the website. Its even got a menu option after you've searched a brand to find out its cruelty free status. But finding a product that is good for you, the planet and the animals can take a bit more time than any one of those lists or search engines can provide. Because none of them are all inclusive and vegan specific data and lists are limited.

So when I spent all of a Sunday cleaning and researching sunscreens, it felt like I owed it to at least 1 other person out there to share what I found.

I've checked EWG ratings, I've checked leaping bunny certifications and I've read all the ingredient lists.

top 7 cruelty free, vegan and eco-freindly sunscreens

Top 7 Environmentally Friendly Vegan Sunscreens.

Every single one of these has an EWG rating of 1, which means it has very little bodily and environmental harm. 1 is best. They're all also cruelty free. And if ingredient lists are current, they are also all vegan.

1. Sunology

2 oz. tube for $14.99 on Amazon

2 oz. Face for $14.99 on Amazon

2 oz. Kid for $14.99 on Amazon

Bonus* Made in USA, no fragrance


2. Suntegrity

3 oz. tube for $24.00 on Amazon

5 oz. tube for $36.00 on Amazon

1.7 oz. Tinted Face for $45.00 on Amazon

1.7 oz. Primer for  $45.00 on Amazon

Sunscreen is also available in unscented. Product is not prime eligible at the moment. Bonus* Many other skincare items are made by this brand. And their site has loads of great education information regarding zinc and sunscreens.


3. Loving Naturals

4.3 oz. for 19.75 on Amazon

4.3 oz. Sport for $19.75 on Amazon

4.3 oz. Baby for $19.75 on Amazon

Bonus* 100% Natural/Organic, Vegan, Paraben-Free, Cruelty-Free, and Gluten-Free.


4. Kiss My Face Organics

3.4 oz. tube for $14.30 on Amazon

3.4 oz. kids tube for $13.97 on Amazon

Kiss my face is not exclusively vegan. And not all of their sunscreens receive the 1 rating on EWG. The sunscreen stick, sport and the obsessively natural kids are both rated 2. Others from this brand are 3 and higher.


5. Juice Beauty

3.75 oz. Sport for 16.00 on Amazon

2.0 oz. oil-free for 29.00 on Amazon

All products that have been rated by EWG are a 1 or 2 rating. (Their CC cream is a 1!). Bonus* sustainable business practices (solar power, locally sourced ingredients), soy ink use, and support EWG and Breast Cancer Fund.


6. Goddess Garden

6 oz. for $16.19 on Amazon

3.4 oz. Face for $10.79 on Amazon

3.4 oz. Sport for $9.16 on Amazon

3.4 oz. Baby for $16.19 on Amazon (not Prime)

6 oz. Kid for  $12.30 on Amazon

3.4 oz. Kid Sport for $12.28 on Amazon (not Prime)

Bonus* Goddess Garden also deals with aromatherapy for those interested in that aspect of well being.


7. All Good

3.0 oz. tube for $15.99 on Amazon

3.0 oz. kid for $12.79 on Amazon

You win some, you lose some. They do make a plastic-free sunscreen butter but it contains beeswax and is therefore not vegan. I'll leave the lesser of two evils decision up to you.


Prices will vary depending on what deals are going on, both on Amazon and other retailers (including brand websites). But I wanted to give you a general idea at least by including what the list price is as I type this. I realize there are much cheaper alternatives. But if you want to do the best for yourself, animals and the planet, it will cost a bit more. Consider it an investment in a better future for yourself. And really, it's easy to lose our perception on reality. The reality? Many people in the world don't have access to clean water, let alone sun screen. Food for thought.

I hope you find this guide helpful. Did I include any of your favorites? Any that I missed? Let me know in the comments below!

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