Essential Oil Diffusers Under $50

Essential oils are popular nowadays for a lot of really good reasons. One thing I don't see discussed an awful lot though is doing aromatherapy on a budget. For most essential oil users, a diffuser is necessary. But don't be fooled! You don't need to invest $100+ into one of these little machines. In fact, you can get pretty ones that will compliment your home for less than $50!

These diffusers are attractive and will compliment a variety of different decor styles. There's one for practically everyone. They're all rated well on Amazon and they're Prime shipping eligible (there are a couple without reviews but I had to include them because they're so pretty). Sizes vary from 100ml to 300ml. I checked to be sure that any with lights could be turned off while the diffuser still worked since I know some people may not like the lights or will want to use them while they sleep.

attractive essential oil diffusers

diffusers 1

Diffuser 1 | Diffuser 2 | Diffuser 3

diffuser 2

Diffuser 1 | Diffuser 2 | Diffuser 3

diffuser 3

Diffuser 1 | Diffuser 2 | Diffuser 3

diffuser 4

Diffuser 1 | Diffuser 2 | Diffuser 3

I know a lot of people nowadays are pushing their favorite MLM brand of essential oils. While I do use affiliate links in the majority of my posts, I don't have any plans on joining any of those programs. It is absolutely possible to enjoy the benefits of aromatherapy without the costs associated with those brands. I can't afford them and I don't expect you to foot the bill for it.

I hope you've found a budget friendly essential oil diffuser to add to your home today. If you know of any other brands you'd like to share, leave them in the comments below!

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Attractive Essential Oil Diffusers for under $50- no reps no commisions. Your own aromatherapy unleashed!

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