The Global Styler: Tiled Headboard


Bringing the global decor look to your home adds a richness that is unmatched. An appreciation for other cultures is unique to each person and bringing that interest to how you decorate makes the space more definitively yours. For me, I've always been obsessed with lanterns, embroidered fabrics, patterned tiles and weavings. Where in the world will you find all these things? Morocco.

This month I'll be taking on the $100 room challenge and the room I'll be making over is my bedroom. When the theme, "PATTERN," was chosen for this month, I knew I wanted to cheat a little and try out a project I'd had on my mind for a while.

Stephanie from Casa Watkind Living and Kathy from Up To Date Interiors are also sharing global inspired projects today with the theme Pattern. Make sure to stick around until the end and head their way next.



Construction adhesive




Power drill


1. Have the home improvement store cut the plywood (1/2 in. X 4 ft. X 8 ft.) At 44 inches and then the remainder in half.

2. On the halves pieces (approximately 26 inches), use the construction adhesive to attach the tiles to the plywood.

3. With a rag and stain, wipe over the 44 inch piece and around the tiles.

4. Lay the 44 inch piece over top the halves pieces and press the pieces together until the tiles meet up to the sides of the 44 inch piece.

5. Use wood screws to attach at the bottom. Place a dollop of construction adhesive between the pieces at the top and clamp.

6. Once adhesive dries, secure the top with more screws from the back.

7. Drill from the back of Tara bed headboard frame to secure headboard to bed.


The Global Styler: Moroccan Tile inlaid headboard DIY created by @adesignerathome

The Global Styler: Moroccan Tile inlaid headboard DIY created by @adesignerathome

The Global Styler: Moroccan Tile inlaid headboard DIY created by @adesignerathome

It's much bigger than the DIY headboard I had in here before. I find the larger more stately furniture to be more reminiscent of middle eastern style than the low profile is Scandinavian. I like the impact.

Now, my friends are also sharing globally inspired pattern projects today. Here they are:

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  1. oooooh i love this, corinna! so fun and unique!

  2. Ooo La La That TILE!!! I love the pattern and so creative to use it for a headboard. Can't wait to see the finished look of your bedroom. $100 for a room makeover!?!?! can't wait!

  3. Looks good! Love those tiles. Beautiful.


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