16 DIYS for boho style

16 do it yourself boho style home projects

Boho style when it comes to interiors is all about adding layers and embellishments. And it's pretty easy to buy a bunch of things to add color and texture to a space, but it's definitely in line with the bohemian lifestyle to make some things. As busy as life can get, it's good for our well being to take some time to do things that heal our souls. Making is a great way to recharge and spend some quality time with ourselves. These 15 DIY's are things you can ranging from a few minutes to an afternoon.

Yup- it's really that easy!

budget boho style

Wall Art

Fill a wall gallery wall style, float a single piece above a piece of furniture, or add a touch of color and flair to a small width of wall you find yourself facing. These DIY's are very simple, beginner level projects that will add a handmade feel to a space.

I like creating pieces for the rooms in my home because it takes it in a personal direction. Not only do I enjoy creating, but I also enjoy seeing the fruits of my labor adorn my home.

Sun Shower Wall Mirror

This tutorial utilizes a thrift store mirror but you could replicate this with a store bought sunburst mirror or you can make one a la internet tutorial to then make it a sun shower.

thrifted wall mirror to sunshower wall art

Beginner Macrame Wall Hanging

You've seen macrame everywhere but have you gotten your feet wet, yet? Or rather, have you gotten your fingers knotting yet? There are many creators out there who sell their pieces but it's always fun to have a DIY in the mix. This tutorial is very easy and you only need to learn the most basic of knots.

Simple Macrame Wall Hanging Tutorial

Sequin & Yarn String Art Tutorial

Always dreamed of having the texture and sparkle of a Handira in your room? Handira's are more commonly referred to as Moroccan wedding blankets and we are loving them. But to get your hands on an authentic piece, you could shell out enough to buy a used car. Get the feel with this string art tutorial using white yarns and silver sequin ribbon.

handmade moroccan wedding blanket wall hanging

Floral Marquee Peace Sign

It's funky and whimsical and adds a bit of light wherever you put it. Marquee signs are still a fun way to add character to a space but add in colorful flowers and clear bulbs and you've gone from downtown to boho.




Hang them in trees, over headboards, on a mantel or over a window. Garland is a fabulous way to add texture and detail. And Boho loves details.

Leather Fringe Garland

I love that this tutorial takes something as ugly as leftover leather/pleather fabric and turns it into something as fabulous as a unique garland. For the outdoor bash, it looks good hung in the trees, but it's pretty rad indoors too.


Turkish Jewelry Inspired Garland

I've always been a fan of glass beads and jewelry making so bringing that to home decor was easy. You can adapt this to any jewelry style you enjoy. This one features deep blue and silver accents.

Bohemian jewelry inspired wood bead garland tutorial



What good boho space skimps on plants? None, I tell ya. None. Give those lively green things a gorgeous home within your home with any of these DIY's.

Plant Hammock Tutorial

If you have the desire to hang your plants from your ceiling, mix up the traditional macrame planter with this leather plant hammock. It adds a dash of masculinity which can be good for balance in more feminine interiors.


Pom Pom Basket Planter

A dollop of hot glue is the most complicated part of this DIY. And it gives you an excuse to hit the thrift store, what's not to love? Change out the white for a pop of color if you need that punch in your space.

Simple DIY pompom basket tutorial

Braided Macrame Hanging Planter

These are perfect for plants that will drape over the sides and hang. Try filling it with a pothos, english ivy, or philodendron. The knots are simple and the effect of the cotton rope is perfectly boho.

Bohemian make it yourself: macrame hanging planter with video tutorial @adesignerathome

Southwestern Inspired Planters

This is a dollar store craft and involves the use of foam sheets. I know! It's crazy. But the effect is really fun and they look great on tables, shelves and popped into plant hangers.

Bohemian Style- southwestern tribal inspired dimensional copper planter pot tutorial


Braided Hanging Vases

These are so pretty and whimsical. Fill it with plant clippings or wildflowers from the yard for the perfect light hearted effect. These can be accomplished with a quick trip to the dollar store, too!

hydrangea in hanging handmade vase beside floral tapestry curtain

Suede Tassel Embellished Basket

Yarn tassels are cool and all, but the look of (faux) suede tassels on a basket is cool and more resilient for spaces with children. The suede won't snag and has thick structured look.

Get the look of global decor for cheap with this instant embellishment how to - leather tassels made with suede string, a video tutorial!

Moroccan Wedding Blanket Pillow Tutorial

Again, if you're a lover of the look of handira, get the feel with DIY! Traditional moroccan wedding blankets feature sequins and ribbon with symbols that are to bring wealth and happiness amongst other things to a future wedded couple. Bring those same charms to fruition in your life!

Processed with VSCO

DIY Rose Quartz Drawer Knobs

Whether you choose rose quartz or not, crystals and minerals bring an array of energies to a space, so why not make drawer pulls out of them so you'll come in contact with them often.

DIY Crystal Drawer Knobs (A Designer At Home tutorial)


Not only can nearly anything serve purpose as a curtain, but you can also use curtains in a variety of different ways. Hang behind your bed as a headboard, from the ceiling as a room divider, over a doorway for added privacy and layers, and over windows.

Tie Dye Drop Cloth Curtains

Drop cloth makes for a perfect inexpensive curtain project. They're a heavier material so they work well for privacy and light control. Add in those hippie vibes for using them in your next tie dye project!


DIY Fringe & Sequin Curtains

Dainty sheers gain length and texture with sequin trim and handmade fringe using dollar store cotton rope. You could also buy fringed ribbon but if you really want to do this on a budget, check out that fringe how to!



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