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I'm alive! You guys. I don't think there's any true way to explain the joy I feel sitting here blogging from an actual working computer. I have been so intermittent and outright MIA most of this past year. Before the holidays, my laptop took a fall that destroyed the entire screen. We simply didn't have the funds to buy another laptop, not even an inexpensive refurbished one.

So for a while I blogged from my phone. That was frustrating. And then my parents let me borrow back a 19 inch TV I'd given to them a while back to HDMI connect to my busted laptop. But the laptop was running very slow and the battery was fried so it had to be plugged in constantly and the charging port was busted. It was a terrifying set up. One wrong bump and everything was lost.

But I'm finally back up and running! We had a bit of spare cash and needed to upgrade our current set up for our son's school. He's now officially a 5 year old and Virginia requires he be registered in some kind of school situation. With my health the way it is, I wasn't confident I could keep up with plans and lessons for home school. And Husband wasn't on board for unschooling.


But I know he's not ready for a 6 hour day in a classroom with strangers. Yes, I know a lot of kids adapt and figure it out, but I'm not willing to force that kind of anxiety on my particular kid. So I took a chance and checked out and found that we were eligible for online school. So that was the push that justified spending the extra money. The side benefit is blogging again!


Other things that are going on: I'm finally going full swing on redesigning the bedroom, I'm making updates to the dining room and I've instituted Fetty Wap Fridays on my Instagram. Also on the Instagram, in June I had my first successful photo a day monthly challenge and the next one is coming up in September and there will be 30 cohosts! One for each day so that's bound to be extra fun. Oh, yes, my Instagram handle changed to @thebohoabode. Some projects that got left behind were photographing the bathroom, sharing the updated sun porch, and the hallway makeover that I started. I hope to be back on track sharing all of those things, like, now.

Mixed Textiles: Get the boho look without paint by using a mix of layered textiles

Besides that, we've been spending tons of time at various different local parks, watching kids shows, doing laundry and dishes and living regular ol' life. Oh, we now have a pet toad. Best pet ever, I swear. Simple habitat, we forage for bugs in the yard and he gets fresh air every day in our own yard.

Alright my friends, I'm going to sign out on this one. If you're still around after all this time, I'm so glad! I hope we can stay better connected from here on out. I'll leave you with this free download/printable courtesy of Pixabay. Simply click the photo and it will open up a page you can then right click and save the photo on. It's so end of summer meets early autumn, wouldn't you say?

Boho Flower Crown Stag Printable

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  1. Welcome back! Looking forward to seeing what you do in the bedroom....wait, that didn't sound right ;)


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