Hosting, Serving, Gifting... The Guide To It All

While the World Market 30% off sale is going on, I wanted to sit down and share a few more ways you can utilize the sale to save cash through the holidays. Before you know it, Thanksgiving dinner will be planned and eaten and it'll be Christmas morning. I know, I know- it's not even Halloween! But, when a sale for one of your favorite retailers is in front of you, take advantage of it! Why pay more later for things you'll want anyways? Today I'm sharing some gift ideas and fun little additions to your upcoming gatherings.

Hosting & Serveware

It's always a little fun to add an extra piece or two to your existing serveware for the holidays. It helps to make everything feel a bit more special. Maybe a bit more for you than your guests, but I'm sure they'll notice the special touches you've put into the gathering. Mixing materials and styles brings a homey, collected vibe to the setting.

Even if you have to buy pre-prepared desserts, appetizers (and let's be honest, sometime's parts of the main meal), taking them out of their plastic containers and putting them on decorative pieces will take some of the stress of yourself. And it comes with the added benefit that you'll be able to use these pieces year round. Nothing beats having pretty dishes that you use over and over.

Not only are these choices all currently on trend, but they're also timeless pieces that you can work other trendy pieces with. Gold silverware has been a classic, luxe choice for many years. Blush is having a moment but always cycles back into the spotlight fast. Wood pieces will always be a welcome, organic addition to any kitchen or table setting (maybe it's something to do with a bit of remaining primal instinct ;)). Metallics and natural materials like slate, marble and stone come and go as a trending item to have, but they never go out of style. If you're not sure how an item will work with your existing serveware, you can add a couple small pieces to see if you like it.

Alas, I do have to say, don't ditch your entire existing dishes just to be on trend. It should be fun additions, filling in spots you're missing, or replacing something you haven't loved in a while. Happy gatherings!


Just Gifts for the Host/ess


Gifts For.. Everyone?

These gifts would be perfect for bringing your host/hostess, perfect for coworkers, even perfect for family members that you leave you scratching your head on what the heck to gift them.


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