Modern Scandi-Boho Fall Wreath


Anyone else feeling the classic crispness in the air that is so quintessential of Fall? We've got it in the mornings and evenings but every now and then, we get a bit of it in a breeze during the day. It's Fall y'all! And with Fall comes pumpkins and crunchy leaves and wreaths for greeting our guests! What better way to dress up the front door with a little scandiniavian inspired, boho botanical, modern global style wreath? Yep, Modern Scandi-Boho Fall Wreath is here!

As someone who doesn't ever use a wreath and hardly does much Fall-specific decorating outside of a few figurines and a mantel, it was a task figuring out what exactly I wanted to do for this months The Global Styler: Fall Wreath Edition.

I did what any "good" researcher does and consulted the wreath Wikipedia page. On it they shared a picture of a Scandinavian style Harvest wreath made out of woven straw. And so I google searched that and the weavings get super complex and they're impressive (though not really within my skill set and style). I then found a himmeli wreath using cinnamon sticks (I may totally start that one soon for Christmas), adorable felt hoĊŸgeldiniz (Turkish for welcome) wreaths, elaborate paper leaf and butterfly wreaths and.. well, you get the picture. There's a lot of impressive Fall wreaths but I couldn't find anything I truly wanted to hang on my wall.

And then I found this from the terrain website (though, it only comes with the metal hoop and taper candle holder) and it clicked. That meets Scandinavian harvest wreath birthed my modern global style wreath.

Modern Scandi Boho Fall Wreath - Tutorial via adesignerathome @thebohoabode


I took myself to Michaels and was glad I didn't delay because it was the last day to use a 25% off everything (including sales prices) coupon. They were busy but it was worth it to walk away with the large metal hoop ($2.99), Eucalyptus branch ($4.99), Assorted Rose, Mum & Pumpkin Pick ($5.99), Assorted Pumpkin & Berry Pick ($5.99) and then I swung into the Dollar Store for 2 bags of raffia (this is in the floral section of most of the Dollar Trees in our area).

Non Sale Total: $21.96 + tax. But thankfully there were sales and that trusty coupon. 60% off Fall decor and 50% off floral supplies! It's like it was meant to be! I don't mean to be braggy.. but it turned out to look so much nicer than a $20 wreath!

So I need to do my best to explain to you how you can create one just in case you want one, too. Bear in mind, I was figuring this out as I went so pictures/instructions are, well, not perfect but I hope it's enough to get you going on your own creation.


The first things you'll need to do is disassemble the picks, cut apart the branches of the eucalyptus branches and create 3 bundles of raffia. I found that about halfway through, I had to hot glue and tuck in some extra lengths of raffia to make it all the way around the metal hoop. It may be easier to go ahead an do that now.

bundles of raffia

Place the bundles of raffia around the hoop and hot glue them in place, let that cool before you start braiding or they'll pull out of place.

raffia bundles glued to hoop

Begin braiding. About every 2-3 inches, pull one piece of raffia around the hoop and back into another bundle of raffia to hold the braid onto the hoop. You definitely ought to do it this way instead of braiding a length of it first and then trying to tie/glue it onto the hoop because the round shape will cause bunching if you make a straight braid. If you've played around a lot with braids and your hair/jewelry, you probably have an idea of what I'm talking about. If not, trust me :)

braided raffia on floral hoop20170930_150836

Once you've made your way all of the way around, wrap the raffia around and knot it to keep it from unraveling. This spot will be covered with our floral pieces. I laid my hoop down on the table and tilted it until that spot rested about the 4/5 o'clock spot. And started fiddling around with pieces. I stuck some into the braids and used shorter pieces of raffia to tie them in place on the wreath. I ended up not using the golden gourd piece because I didn't like anywhere I tried it.

botanical faux floral arranging on modern scandi boho fall wreath

Since I can't give you exact locations to stick everything, here's my tips.
•Longer pieces should go down first and on the outer edge of the circle.
•Then work in more greenery, being sure to let things taper off at the ends and leaving a large enough area for the flower, pinecone, pumpkin or anything else you want to be of focus.
•Balance the colors. Match berries on bottom with pinecone and dried flowers on top.
•Balance the size. Be mindful that things grow smaller the further away form the focal piece.
•Use raffia to hold everything in place. Because it's easier to snip and reposition than yanking apart dried hot glue.


Modern Scandi Boho Fall Wreath - Tutorial via adesignerathome @thebohoabode

I have an existing bent nail in my door from before we moved in and the metal hoop rests perfectly on it. You could use some extra raffia to create a loop to hang it on a hook though.

Modern Scandi Boho Fall Wreath - Tutorial via adesignerathome @thebohoabode

The colors are muted and deep and speak Fall perfectly to me. And the braided raffia is enough of a nod to that rich Scandinavian heritage while blending it into more modern Scandi styles. Modern Scandi Boho Fall Wreath. It works, right?

Modern Scandi Boho Fall Wreath - Tutorial via adesignerathome @thebohoabode

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  1. I just love how this turned out! It fits in so well in your beautiful boho abode!

  2. Oh my I love it!!! The combination is super cute and it looks amazeballs on your front door. Such a great fall wreath but I'd used it regardless of the season . :)


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