My Eclectic Halloween Fireplace Mantel

While we're still spending our afternoon's at the beach, our mornings and evenings are crisp. Fall is always a bit weird in our part of Virginia. In fact, I have frustrating memories of being a child and having to cover my Halloween costume up with a coat because just a few days before it was warm enough, but it was always too cold the night of Halloween. But with the shorter days on us and cooler weather on the way, I've started pulling out a few pieces of autumnal and Halloween decor. I prefer neutral, non scary but not exactly cute either. Today I wanted to share with you my eclectic Halloween fireplace mantel since it feels just right.

For me, the perfect mix of Halloween decor are happy jack o lanterns, painted pumpkins, non creepy ghosts, ravens and spiders. Basically, decorating with everything that is out and about during Fall anyways. Much like I would do for other seasons.

Colorful Eclectic Halloween Fireplace Mantel

We have the pleasure of greeting large spotted orbweaver spiders this time of year. I almost ran into one of their webs the other day in the front yard and I think it panicked as I approached because it shook it's giant web just 6 inches from my face. It feels especially fitting to decorate with plastic spiders since they really do come out this time of year. And then the crows come out this time of year, too. They may be out all year, I'm not sure to be honest. But they dominate the leafless trees and are therefore visible. And, of course pumpkins. They grow in season here and there are pick your own pumpkin patches all over the area. I couldn't forget to mention ghostly visits this time of year. Halloween is one of the days in which souls are invited to visit with loved ones who still remain alive through Day Of The Dead three day event (did you know it's a 3 day affair? It's a beautiful celebration I highly recommend reading about).

This year I didn't purchase anything new for the mantel. The past few years I've made some decorations and they've held up well. The two that have made it to this year's Halloween decorated mantel are the black plastic spiders trailing on web and the thumbtack pumpkin. I chose to display it a bit higher with a vintage brass candlestick holder.

Colorful Eclectic Halloween Fireplace Mantel

The marble pumpkin and "EEK" letters are from past Target Dollar Spot selection. I love that the marble pumpkins adds something different and unexpected while the "EEK" is traditional Halloween.

Colorful Eclectic Halloween Fireplace Mantel

From the dollar store, the black birds are an obvious decorative nod to the season we are in. They dress up plants in a seasonal way without having to remove the plants completely or change their otherwise happy and non halloween pots.

Colorful Eclectic Halloween Fireplace Mantel

I did switch out the pothos in the blue and white planter for a different one in the house, though. The blue and white felt a touch off with everything else up here.I think the coral planter ties the orange all together.

Colorful Eclectic Halloween Fireplace Mantel

And from the thrift store is my little ceramic ghost tea light holder. For fun effect, I like to light a cone of incense instead of a candle so smoke floats out of his eyes and mouth. It's pretty fun.Colorful Eclectic Halloween Fireplace Mantel

I'm not really into decorating for Halloween so much. But fancying up the mantel and front porch keeps things exciting for my 5 year old. I hope you've found some ideas here for decorating your own eclectic Halloween fireplace mantel.

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