Global Style Hostess Gift DIY: Wine Bottle Charm


This time of year is so special and my favorite part of all the magic is the generosity. People are especially giving with random acts of kindness, hosting of gatherings, and exchanging gifts. It's a beautiful restoration in the faith of humanity. If you're planning on attending any hosted events, you'll probably want to thank the host for their time and hospitality with a hostess gift. Today, I'm going to show you how you can create a global goods inspired bottle charm for wine, liquor, sparkling ciders, fancy sodas, etc. Using tassels and felt balls, it's not only easy to make but also very festive.

You could customize this craft to suit a variety of gifting ideas. Make it larger to fit around a jar for a number of jar related gifts. Fit it around the neck of a vase for gifting flowers. Swap the embroidery floss for elastic and turn them into bracelets. Definitely get creative and make things that fit the person you'll be giving it to!

Let's dive into how to make a...

DIY felt and tassel bottle charm hostess gift DIY tutorial by ADesignerAtHome

DIY Felt and Tassel Wine Bottle Gift Charm


Supplies: tassels, bottled drink, felt balls, embroidery thread and needle

Tassels  (Don't forget your coupon! I always use the app for convenience)

Bottled Drink (it doesn't have to be alcohol, think sparkling ciders, fancy sodas, etc)

Felt Balls (I bought mine at Michaels but this one from Amazon is cheaper)

Embroidery Thread (the color doesn't really matter as it's hidden for the majority of it)

Embroidery Needle (If you don't buy these, just look for a large eye and sharp point)

The How-To:

How to make a felt ball and tassel wine bottle charm adornment for Hostess gift giving.

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Start by threading the tassel onto the middle of an 18 inch long piece of embroidery floss. Then thread both ends of the thread onto an embroidery needle. Thread 2 felt balls onto the thread.

Threading with felt balls DIYThreading with felt balls DIY

Then, diagonally thread one of the piece of thread through a third felt ball. Then thread the other piece the other direction, diagonally. This is where the felt balls will split around the neck of the bottle.

DIY threaded felt and tassel wine bottle charm

Finally, thread 7 balls onto each piece of floss and tie them together into a knot. Snip the remainder off with scissors.

You can then slide it over the top of your hostess' favorite bottled drink (sparkling cider, wine, vodka- anything goes) and you've got a festive, globally inspired hostess gift.

I love these so much that the idea of parting with them makes me want to keep them for myself. And, to be completely honest, they're hanging on my kitchen cabinet knobs right now while I decide. Haha.

Hostess Gift Idea: Felt and Tassel Wine Bottle Gift

Which one do you prefer? The darker color scheme or the brighter color scheme?

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DIY Hostess Bottled Gift Felt and Tassel Charm tutorialDIY Hostess Bottled Gift Felt and Tassel Charm tutorial

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The holidays will on us before you know it. And just in case you hadn't heard- we have less than 50 days until Christmas! So save these projects, get to making your favorites and enjoy this time with your friends and family. Be well!


  1. these are adorable, corinna! love the look and colors!

  2. I love how they turned out. Anything with felt balls and tassels makes me happy! Yay for the holidays

  3. Seriously so cute! I would love this as a hostess gift......or any gift frankly. ha!


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