Colorfully Eclectic Holiday Mantel

It's always a fun this time of year getting to switch up the mantel decor. The theme is just so completely different to anything I'd do any other time of the year since I really only ever pull out glam for Christmas. Not that this is remotely glam, but it is in comparison to what I normally do. Here's my summer mantel for reference. I kept things ultra colorful, kept a few of my houseplants that fit, and decked things out with all the good Christmasey things I could get my hands on. If you jive with this style, I compiled a list of ways to get the look and feel. And even if it's not quite your style, I think these tips could be fun for other styles, too!

How to get the colorful eclectic Christmas mantel look:

  1. Decorate miniature Christmas trees with small ornaments and garland. Bonus points if the garland is Christmas cookies!

  2. Fill in vertical space with tall candlestick holders and put ornaments and large vase fillers on top of them.

  3. Keep a few pieces from your regular decor to ground the mantel and make it feel homey.

  4. Visit your local dollar store! If you have one, you need to browse their Christmas decor section and see if you can find their white bottle brush trees and the metal ones with color changing LEDs.

  5. Tuck in a miniature Chistmasey park bench scene.

  6. Wrap greenery around the mantel layered with an unconventional garland.

  7. Hang jingle bells in your garland (works for both faux and real greenery).

  8. Mix colors but choose a primary complimentary scheme (mine is blue and pink).

  9. Add light up details.

  10. Incorporate natural materials to provide visual rest between decor.

So now that you've got a run down of what little things I did to pull together this big block of teal in the room. I'm kidding, I love my teal fireplace and I think that the tapestry and soft rattan mirror really break up the bright blue of it all. But really, these tips could be applied to any color or material of fireplace mantels and it will look really cool. Here's how they ended up looking on mine!

Colorful Eclectic Christmas Mantel

I hope you've enjoyed seeing how I've used color and eclectic choices to create a unique Christmas decorated mantel. I worked with a lot of what I already had on hand and really only added the stockings (which you can find the how-to-make in this mudcloth stocking tutorial blog post), the pink bottle brush trees (found at the Target dollar spot) and the light up metallic trees (found at the dollar store). So don't be afraid to make what you've got work because I know it'll be awesome without dropping a ton of cash.

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