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Being a boho babe, you know that your tastes are unique. You tend to buy unique things for yourself and you hope for unique things from others. So that's exactly what I'm going to list out here in our last minute bohemian gift guide. These items are inspirational, decorative, meant to adorn your person and I hope it helps you finish up your Christmas shopping. I've spent a lot of time this past month thinking of things to gift but haven't actually done any of the shopping! Yikes! But never fear, you can buy any of these gifts and they'll arrive before Christmas. And who knows, maybe it'll add a few more items to your wish list, too!

When I think of the bohemian lifestyle, I imagine informal adventures, mixing and matching, unconventional hobbies, creative interests, embellishments and an awareness of the social, ethical and ecological impacts around them. It goes against the mainstream way of things and evokes curiosity from those unfamiliar with it. These gifts are for those people. For their homes, their closets and their spiritual state. I hope you'll find something here that brings out the bohemian in you and those around you.

Gift Sets

Encourage this person to relax and indulge with gift sets of bath bombs, Turkish coffee set, flowering tea set, unique tea sampling set, assorted nuts in reusable stacking ting and an incense set perfect for the new and seasoned incense users. These are the perfect all in one gift that gives the giftee multiple experiences.

Home Goods

Add ambiance and texture with functional and decorative home goods. From lamps to planters to baskets and blankets, there's something here to cozy up the home for the winter and all year long. Each of these gifts are perfect stand alone gifts or you could use them in conjunction with other items. Put a bottle of wine in the basket (and create one of these felt ball adornments for the bottle), wrap the amethyst with a nice book, fill the frame with free art or a photograph of the two of you together, bundle the blanket with hot chocolate mix, and fill the planters with a nice plant. Whichever way you go, these will make your person smile all year long.


Adorn your person in beautifully handmade, embellished, natural elements jewelry. From druzys to quartz to moons and tassels, there's something really fun and interesting for both neck and ears. You could put it in a unique carved jewelry box or gift the jewelry box for something overflowing with options already.


Who doesn't love turning on some tunes, turning off a screen, and going over the pages of beautifully spaces and words. These 4 specific books are a beautiful addition for anyone's home and look great in photos, too.
Urban Jungle | The New Bohemians | The New Bohemians Handbook | In The Company Of Women

Self Care

We tend to drain our own energies focusing on others this time of year so why not remind our person to take care of themself with a self care gift. From encouraging meditation to focusing energies and aromatherapies, there's a unique something for the person who would use some self care in their life.

So if you're the procrastinating gift shopper like myself, I've got you covered! These gifts will make you look like you spent a lot of time and thought sourcing a gift when in reality you've been busy doing other things.

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