Drips, Deliveries and More Floor Space

Collected Boho Bathroom Shelfie With Plants and Friday Tile - Curated By The Boho Abode

Its reveal day for the primp and pamper bathroom makeover series and I am so stinking excited to see what my fellow blogger friends have done with their bathrooms! My reveal is not a finished bathroom space. It started with being constantly sick then it was everything taking longer than it should have (I’m looking at you paint) and extra trips for the hardware store. And of course, nothing wanted to work where I planned for it so let’s just dive into this update.

What Painting A Bathroom Really Looks Like - By TheBohoAbode

Before we go into the details of my past week, I wanted to let you know that you can find pictures of everyone’s reveals on social media with the #bathroomprimpandpamper hashtag.

Prefer to watch? Here’s the vlog!

I started the project off with deciding to paint the walls. They went a very pretty slightly grey light teal. One coat paint went on patchier than I’d hoped and it ended up taking a few days to paint versus the one + a day of touch ups.

With painting the walls, I really wanted to bring more airiness to the space with a smaller white vanity. I went with one that has a cabinet just 12 inches deep but that still has a full sink. It’s the best of both worlds! The layout may suck in this bathroom but having the extra floor space is awesome.

The lights went back up and the vanity was installed. Naturally, I ran into some problems with that and I had to buy a new thingamabopper to run the hot water and now the cold water has a slow leak. Also, the vanity is slightly taller than the last so I had to remove my tile splash guard and reinstall it. That added a ton more time to the process as I also had to patch areas around the tile and repaint.

The shower curtain arrived and it’s perfect! I love the neutral colors with the global African mud cloth inspired motif.

The rug also arrived and it’s perfect with the shower curtain. Except that I’m an idiot and can’t get measurements right even after 10 times. The rug doesn’t fit. My brain is fried from problem solving so many things at this point but I’m trying to come up with a solution.

I replaced the stock knobs on the vanity with ones from Liberty Hardware and the finish matches my existing faucet and towel bars perfectly!

The Process Of Decorating A Bathroom - By The Boho Abode

I still need to put up shelves, paint the trim and door, figure out a rug solution, fix some hardware issues and style the space. You’ll have to come back soon to catch the finished space!

Continue the tours by visiting Domicile 37’s bathroom makeover next! And thank you so much to Jewel for organizing this challenge. Make sure to complete the tours to visit her bathroom reveals as well as everyone else’s.

If you’ll be taking on a bathroom makeover in the near future, keep our project sponsors in mind for your lighting, decorating, rug and hardware needs!

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  1. Good luck girl! I hope you feel better soon! I look forward to seeing the big reveal next week.

  2. I can't wait to see the finish product. So far you are doing a fab job! I love that mirror too!

  3. Good luck! can't wait to see what it looks like!

  4. i love what you have done so far! so cute and SO you!

  5. I love it, Corina! You've done a fantastic job. I've been constantly sick myself, and still have so very much to do before I can get started with any actual rooms in my home. That makes me sad! But anyway, I can't wait for the final reveal!

    My bathroom is really small (a 3-pc tub/shower, vanity/sink, and toilet combo in something like a 5'x7' room, and that is the exact vanity I'm going to replace ours with. I'm just trying to figure out how to make it more Mid-Century friendly, as I really would like my home to have an overall Mid-Century Rustic feel.


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